Under Revision

More time has passed seeming so long that I took the time to share a thought here. With life there has been many challenges, financially and otherwise. Just as anything it is ongoing.

12:23 3/4/2008

I awoke this morning, after a nice nights rest and things seeemed to become all that much clearer. Creative Clarification, the reality of now and the future to be. To realise to speak clear and concise, to practice listening and not talking. I seemed to hear more and understand more. So it became an experience of a sort to improve upon thoughts. To truly see how exciting the future is to be. Focus Forward Revisited and revised. It shall be seen where it goes.

Things have come about in so much time. To only realize now that the thoughts are more clear then they have been before. Perhaps the time has arrived to truly take this variation of a verse to the next level. So much information, great writing and constant growth the actions of the day. I should ride, I should travel, I should go and see something else as today is the perfect day and now is the perfect moment.