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Well since that infamous thanksgiving where we lost such a small being from our life though only two days later was replaced with a new kitten pictures will be posted soon. This one is a tortoise shell kitty, a mere few weeks old with great mannerism and quite bright. A quick study is a better way to say it.

Mona the Brave

A tortoise shell kitty, younger then fluffy with much better manner, and far more bold.

Her story follows
It is fortunate she came into our life as it was difficult for my mother to get over the event of fluffy's death on a day expected to be a day of thankfulness and coming together of families. How things do change, it is part and partial to life but it makes it nonetheless difficult to deal with a loss of human or animal. Seasons change and stories change, life and living and in existence, we must grow through it however difficult.

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Curve Balls of Life

Tonight was a night never in sight as curves were thrown and the bat was swung, to many location they did fly each going its own way.

How I react is up to me from what I see and thank thee for the challenge I face in an ever moving race from place to place along this journey, my journey to success ever the curve thrown my way the crack of the bat all the way I must go to say I knew I could and now its done and help others to do the same in their journey to fame of a humble sort, of an earned freedom to say you to can go all the way.

Just take the steps & do the work, go above and beyond where you have ever been to get those curves beyond the gate and take the challenge to turn about to be the victor without a doubt and fight the fight or go without. Be the winner to never again be out.


The Sad Truth:

You know it has been said Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for something ... and
this thanksgiving as it has come and gone brought about things you wonder if you can be thankful for. In example a kitty relatively new to the family ... his first holiday season as our pet never expecting it to be his last, passes unexpectedly while we are away visiting family two hours from our home where all the pets were with my sister. On this day so termed as Thanksgiving, thankful for death??

Fluffy G
A wonderful pet may he Rest In Peace

Died 11/23/2007 Buried 12/02/07

We usually go to San Francisco for the holidays as most of my relatives still live there and seeing as we have one dog and two cats including one kitten we always have someone stay at home with the animals, this particular time it was my sister.
We headed out in preparation for the long ride a total of 2 hours on great traffic conditions full expecting to be in SF till later in the night. So once we arrived surprisingly early we sat down after saying the traditional hellos, begin feasting. All seemed to be going well until my cell phone rang, surprised as I was I did not expect the content of the conversation. my sister called me up just as we were finishing the gluttonous feasting that is thanksgiving ... and going for my third piece of pumpkin pie. She calls and all she says is there is an emergency the kitten is dead ... it got stuck in the gate and well she had tried to save him but in the end it seems his neck got broken or he just choked to death. Last I heard he was bleeding out his nose and ears.

Murdered, choked to death ... nobody knows ... well so it went down ... the wonder of the cell ... enabling the opportunity to communicate ... so a time to be thankful now a sad time to be remembered. It got me thinking though of this world, these holidays ... a time to be with family but is it also a time to lose a family member? Or we just lucky that way. Well the ride back as it were was sad ... so much crying and the standard blame on this and blame on that. You know the shoulda, coulda, woulda. If only ... If I was there I ... and so on and so forth ... but I looked at it and said to myself and attempted to share the thought with those who were most affected, my mother in particular ... I tried to tell her it is best to accept it ... and move on ... funny thing the song from The Eagles, Get Over It!. Did come to mind but figured that was just a bit to harsh. So after a time ... I had said all I could and had done all that I was able ... we get back home and all that remains of this once active kitten Black & White tuxedo kitten, which had just begun his life and started learning how to relate with us, a stray, one in which could of become a farrow cat and may of died in more harsh a way. We saved him from that life or did we. I truly wonder sometimes what did we do for this kitten?

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This story seems that it must go on ... and so it shall ... Look here for the continuation