Zeitgeist Moving Forward | Part Three of the Remarkable Movement.

The remarkable most recent revision of the Zeitgeist Movement - A video exploring alternatives to the many flawed aspects of the current economic model. This video goes far beyond that and is well worth the time of watching it and sharing is a prerequisite to reach more people.

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Knatchwa, Opera | Reflections and More.

Just started exploring Opera, and it's suite of integrated apps, reminds me of the earlier revision that was Netscape Navigator. To keep it interesting never hurts to explore all that is available. Anyone Else Taking the time To Explore any of the associated services being offered through Opera Unite? If So which ones, and why do you choose that over another? 

For that matter the integrated mail system, is it better to use that over any of the numerous web based options? Really the questions I am presenting here are for those who are exploring these alternatives, these other mediums to do many of the same things we have done for as long as the world has continually been connecting more and more whether by mobile, email, social networks or what have you. We have become more and more connected and I wonder is Opera and it's Unite idea going to do exactly that, to bring people into their own community of user created bliss? Or perhaps yet another attempt at a walled garden, I am wondering about your thoughts so please share them down below. 

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Your own email @facebook.com? Beware Facebook survey scam | Naked Security

Thousands of Facebook users have been hit by a scam which claims to give them early access to a facebook.com email address.

Messages, appearing in the news feed of users who have fallen for the scam, read:

Just got my own email @facebook.com! Quickly get one before someone takes your name

Just got my own email @facebook.com! Quickly get one before someone takes your name [LINK]

Users beware - in the simplest terms when Facebook is the size of the community it has become far to often will such things occur - be wary and educated before clicking through to any unknown links.

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