Dreams | Of Crimes, Escapes, Women and Societal Change

Of Dreams; Their Experiences and Lessons Learned

An experiment to see how this would work or not work via Open Office

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#43Things Bicycling After the Initial Inspiration I went out and rode http://ow.ly/16rMei

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How to improve your tolerance for annoying people - by Raymond L. Marr

Annoying People, they are everywhere, your neighbours, your co-workers, it seems everywhere you go you will find at least one that just gets on your nerves. It seems that it is a fact of life that there will be some annoying people, so how can you improve your tolerance? This articles aim is to help you do just that, to improve your tolerance for annoying people.

Annoying people, they exist, how can you deal with them? Share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments down below.

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Tuesday Reviewed and Reflected upon

Today: Tuesday, January 26 2010

What is your objective on this day, this very moment? What do you want to do with this day? How does it relate to your monthly objectives and your Yearly Objectives? Directives for Today;
  • Depending on weather and progress through the day by day need to figure out what should be done.
  • Really need to finish Weekly Goals: 01/24 to 01/30 2010 as the week passes more quickly then you can imagine.
  • Take some time to update information over multiple outlets and grow through the challenges that may present.

Reflect On The Day;

Not a bad day overall, Got out and rode a bit as mentioned on www.43Things.com ( http://www.43things.com/people/progress/rlmarr/14070748 ) The Rain Certainly kept falling but to at least got out and rode, it makes a considerable difference in that through the action there were no more excuses, and as such you just had to do it. A lesson learned, but the next step is it must be practiced each day

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The Day Reviewed 01/25/2010

Today: Monday, January 25 2010

What is your objective on this day, this very moment? What do you want to do with this day? How does it relate to your monthly objectives and your Yearly Objectives? Directives for Today;
  • Get some Writing and Rating Done and get the book Paulo Coelho - The Winner Stands Alone back to the library.
  • Figure out why I have to constantly manually setup in order to get wicd to work.
  • Work on additional goals; Weekly Goals: 01/24 to 01/30 2010 and set them.
  • Update www.43things.com and add some new entries to the goals for life and show appreciation to those who have joined me in this objective.
  • Redesign the Whole New World Entrie @ http://homeofknatchwa.posterous.com/
  • Get to sleep at a good time not 2a or later like last night.

Reflect On The Day;
Overall not a bad day though of course like anything it only will get better from here and there is progress through it and from it, the journey in and of itself is ongoing, but being the  last week of the first month of 2010 serves also as a reminder that things move quickly and time has a tendency to fly by. Which also makes it more clear that there needs to be consistent effort on a daily basis, as each day that passes brings you one more closer to another year passing.

Weekly Goals: 01/24 to 01/30 2010

Weekly Objectives, and how they relate to both your month's goal and year's goal which in and of itself should also relate to Life Goals. Directives for this Week;
  • Decide to Improve How I look overall, shaving and cutting or combing hair would be a good start
  • Get The Winner Stands Alone Back To The Library as soon as possible as it is already 20 days overdue and accrued fines of almost 6 dollars.
  • Ride my Bike more, by taking a ride each and every single day for whatever needs to be done.

Another Day Passes; A New Beginning Awaits in the day that is Tomorrow.

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#43Things Bicycling Rain Falling and a Man Still Riding - Raymond Marr added an entry about ride my bike more: Whi... http://ow.ly/16qGtb

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Prolonged Sitting Boosts Bad Health

A new editorial published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine suggests that people who sit still for prolonged periods of time -- such as desk workers or couch potatoes -- have a higher risk of disease than those who move a muscle every now and then in a non-exercise manner, such as walking up the stairs to grab a cup of coffee.  

Some interesting bits and pieces of information, of the world being connected, sometimes it is easier to sit for hours, but as mentioned in this article that may not be the best thing, the lesson in it's most simple terms is to take breaks, to take breathers and move more then just do a workout at your desk, though that is also important.

The idea becomes clearer when you consider simple things that are done consistently can make a difference as also suggested on the Minimalist Workout on Zen To Fitness on Twitter it is quite possible to do quite a few things in a minimal amount of time but need to do more then just exercises at the desk.

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#43Things Bicycling Getting a Bike - mulysamaybe added an entry about ride my bike more: Ok, so my current bike is... http://ow.ly/16q8jH

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#43Things Bicycling Big problem - jvasishtha added an entry about ride my bike more: Driving to office is now even... http://ow.ly/16pgmN

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#43Things Bicycling Set as a Challenge to Do by February 28 2010 http://ow.ly/16oTLs

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The Tug-of-War Between Heart and Head - by Dumb Little Man | Move Forward!

As I reside in the limbo between true forgiveness and painful hurt, I struggle with the tug-of-war between heart and head. I won’t seek revenge, but I am also not ready to forgive despite the realization that forgiving is precisely what I have to do to stop hurting. People don’t ask to be hurt, but the offended must be the ones to initiate the resolve.

Advice worth Taking to Heart, to grow through the pains of the past, of people lost and others hurt, this article is a great example of ways you can move forward, and through that understanding that things are going to get better, to reside in the present doing all you can for a better future tomorrow.

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Thursday | Goals & Objectives | Reviewd

Reviewing January 14th 2010

Directives For Today; 14.01.2010 01:45
  • Catch up on all I can that I fell behind on when my hard drive crashed.
  • Confirm the Appointment with Derek at Coldwell Banker on and about www.Twitter.com and building influence on Social Media for Friday
  • Streamline the way Lucid Lynx is designed for the experience to have.
  • Get out and get a ride in, regardless of the weather, at the very least get some exercise each day.
  • Catch up on Rating and Writing for www.Helium.com, decide on some www.ehow.com articles and continue from there.
  • Also remember Triond, choose some articles and put them on there as well. To Diversify is the key to the door that opens up more opportunities and couldn't hurt after all, to see how www.Triond.com is Designed.
  • Organize Recyclables, through that set a day aside when I will go and drop them off.

Reflect On The Day; 15.01.2010 01:58

Well ended up getting most of my todo items done though there is still more to be done, but since it is officially friday I need to plan for the day and the weekend after finishing out the week productively. That needs to be my objective for every week yet to come, the trip to Bali did not happen on schedule but it still can happen later, the situation would be different but at the very least I will be able to experience it first hand. Not to mention it would also be a good place to be able to travel more of South East Asia. As far as the ride goes, that is certainly something I need to work on, to get out there and ride to get the exercise and enhance health even if it is only a short ride at least a ride a day will make a difference in my health. For that Matter rides even over the weekend could be worthwhile, to travel short distances or do some Mountain Biking, because at the very minimum it is important to get things done one way or the other.

Recently Updated:

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Talking to strangers as a part of everyday life - by Ray Marr - Helium

To talk with strangers in the world today is not really any different then it has always been. We are a social species, we talk because it is the one thing to step outside the comfort zone, and the only way, that need can be fulfilled. Without talking to strangers or otherwise the perspective of life would change. The thing is we have this need because survival of a next generation would not come about if that first hello did not take place. A relationship must start with two individuals having a conversation and growing from there to a beginning from talking with a stranger. In the beginning the foundation for a relationship is set and once that base is down it grows from there. In time this same relationship on a solid foundation can become one which they become a couple from, and in that a next generation may be conceived. In that conception the cycle begins once again and these children must also then make friends from strangers.

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How to find your friends on Facebook - by Ray Marr - Helium

How powerful is Facebook - to reconnect with lost friends or colleagues? As the top social site according to 2009 numbers, does such a behemoth of a company also insure that the interface is intuitive enough to also make it easy to find the people you seek? Certainly Facebook would like you to think so and I am inclined to agree.

As even when growth was happening there was constant improvements and enhancements, as they topped 10 million, then 20 million and so on, they begin to better organize the design of their website, when they were reaching 100 million they had a system that seemed quite effective at helping other people find lost friends and colleagues.

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Slideshow Before Sleep | At 0447 Created | Photo Bucket Remembered

To Be Friends, Unite In The Objective, keep on keeping on. To love Another,  open the eyes and the mind, beautiful!

I wonder how this will go, as this was a direct result of a night whereby I slept later then I should, the start of a new week and a new opportunity, today is the day, will you make it the best ever? Also what did you think of the SlideShow? Share your views in the comments down below.

Open Sourced : www.raymondmarr.com
Focused Fwd  : www.homeofknatchwa.net


Screwing About | Where Am I?

Back in 2008 | When I First Found Youtube | This Is What I Made

How exciting is that? To Watch it all the way through can you actually do it? There is some good information throughout the video but can you understand most of it?

I actually plan to put together a caption file or see if the new Transcription option, could work so that the words are not lost, as they tend to be when most of the video is at a very low tone.

What did you think of it, be honest | Easier to tell the Truth Then Lie | Share In Comments

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[Blog post] Google | Green Energy | G! Energy?

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Subject: [Blog post] Google | Green Energy | G! Energy?
Date: Fri, 8 Jan 2010 21:16:38 +0000
From: Ubuntu101's Blog <no-reply@wordpress.com>
To: ubuntu101 at gmx dot com

Google | Green Energy | G! Energy?

Knatchwa | 2010/01/08 at 14:16 | Categories: Uncategorized | URL: http://wp.me/pyvTq-3d

For many traditional IT companies, the lure of energy efficiency efforts is two-fold: data center costs are becoming dominated by power use, so greater efficiency will both save them money and provide them with products and services that they can sell to other companies. These efforts also fall nicely in line with the goals of [...]

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WordPress.com | Thanks for flying with WordPress!

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OBESITY IN CATS... Some Solutions to Implement Today.

Many cats are fed “free choice”, which means there is food available all the time and the cat eats whenever it wants. (Pretty unnatural for a true carnivore that evolved as a hunting machine!) Free choice feeding has probably been the biggest single factor contributing to feline obesity.

It is truly remarkable, how often such things are missed, that our pets are also affected by our own habits, by old ideas that no longer stand the test of time.

I had got to thinking about this, after watching Garfield (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0356634/), but more specifically because our cat Marcy was diagnosed as overweight, certainly she is a big cat; as you can see in the slideshow above. Yet even a big cat who is not as active as she should be, who follows the similar idea that we do, in living life lazily.

And apparently that is not so different today, over multiple breeds and cat households, whereby our own habits effect our pets just as they affect us, and our challenges with Obesity, in this Sedentary Life we have become accustomed too.

To make a difference, with this New Year 2010, why not set resolutions for your pets also? They have as much right as you do, to live their best life, and being overweight is not helpful, but doing more exercise, riding a bike, taking walks. More specifically with cats why not set time aside Monday through Sunday to play with them, give them a chance to get some exercise too. Just to be fair after you play why not take a walk, go for a bike ride, doing something that will begin a new habit, a new process of growth.

Read More On Pets: www.knatdecat.wordpress.com

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Streetfilms | In Memoriam: James Langergaard, Bike Philosopher

Remembering those who have came before, who made a choice to ride a bike, even in New York, the reflections and experiences never expected to have, a journey by choice on two wheels through human locomotion.

My first tour was a direct result of what www.kenkifer.com had spoke about so long ago, little did I know of all the many people who have taken this choice of lifestyle to heart. I did not know James Langergaard, but his story is sadly familiar, as even Ken Kifer, who was killed by a drunk driver. It's a lifestyle choice, it has risks but at the very least James Langergaard will be remembered for what he has shared and may he rest in peace, as even though his physical body is no more, he speaks from his soul in this video.

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[Writings on Love and It&#039;s Lessons] "Love Lost to Tradition ~ Lesson Learned"

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[Writings on Love and It's Lessons]  "Love Lost to Tradition ~ Lesson Learned"
Mon, 27 Jul 2009 13:59:00 +0000
WordPress.com <-----@------------->
ubuntu101 at gmx dot com
by Ranty Yustina Dewi @ rantyyustinadewi.wordpress.com
As Indonesian moslem girl, I'm truly sorry to hear about this. I always thought that every woman is an independent human being, that surely will make her able to make a stand, if not for what she believes in, at least for her self. Maybe she (the Indonesian girl you loved-or love?) must learn more about Islam. As loud as her father use Islam as his reason to make the arrangements, she must at least KNOW FOR SURE what her dad is talking about. As far as I know, every moslem must put high respect to their parents, including things that parents wants best for their children (at least that's what the parents thought). As sure as every religions have this universal rule, I believe that in some circumstances, children has to make their own mind. They grows, has interactions and they just has to make their own mind. Before children turns to 18 y.o, parents will take every responsibility for what happen to them. That's why all the religion education should be introduced in these ages, before they turn 18. When they turn 18, and more, every children has become the warrior of themselves (both Al-Qur'an and Paulo Coelho's Novel has these exact words-check them out if you like), meaning every decision the children will make will automatically put on their own shoulders to face by their own. Every single desicions. Every single consequences. If a father-by any means and reasons-raped his own daughter, should a daughter follow his says? If a father taught his daughter to steal, should I be his captive forever by saying yes to every command he tell me to? If a father told his daughter to marry someone she doesn't even know, should she do that? ---all I can say is: it happens. not little actually found their soulmates by a marriage arrangements. Seriously. But like you said before, just because it is, doesn't mean it has to. (Australia-the movie). Learn more, if you want to. read, ask, meet people you trust, level you knowledges about Islam with me. We will have a better conversation about Islam. ---but this? the arrangements marriage, is not Islam. Because, a passive model of woman only exist in the past, in Hollywood romantic movies, where she can only happy for some reasons, otherwise she'd rather die; where she can always hope and hope but do nothing to fight her own life, to gain her own true destiny; where she always said that she has no choices but to face what God given her with a big heart. ...somewhere, God is sighing, "me? y don't u use ur mind to fight ur own life?"... he he Seriously, these passive kind of woman, only exist in Fairy Tale. In Real Life, it's a matter of choices. You simply have to make your own stand, and choose. In the meantime, please understand, Islam is not how she projected to you at that time. You got the wrong impression from her. Good luck. Reference: Loves Lessons for 2009 & Beyond
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A Quote for 2010 - New Years Resolutions

The first step towards success is taken when you refuse to be captive of the environment in which you first find yourself. ~Mark Caine

Objectives for 2010

Thursday, December 31, 11:41 AM Goals for 2010 - New Years Resolutions
  • Spend Less time On Social Sites (Time Management 101), and increase efficiency for minimal time, to get the point out over all social networks, then to redirect focus on the project at hand.
  • Get Some System Upgrades 2010 to improve workspace to increase the flow of good energy.
  • Publish at least 10 new electronic books and put together additional traditional books, to bring my writing to the world. Add additional entries to blogs and sites.
  • Take the Dual Coast Tour over Spring and Summer 2010, to enjoy it and to have something more to write on.
  • Get all domains paid in advance for at minimum three years each, so I can focus my attention on the writing, and content creation. as well as improving functionality of the sites and prepping them for the Phenomenal Traffic in 2010
  • Set Multiple Mobile Income Streams in place that is providing at least $3500 or more per month so that I can enjoy the tour fully and be able to experience it mobile.
  • Get more of My Debts paid down, so I no longer have to concern myself about old annoyances, it's no easy process but the sooner it gets done the better off I will be.
  • Get some Bike Upgrades done before Spring 2010, in order to have a chance to take a tour on both coasts over Spring and Summer 2010.
  • In Taking the time to improve the situation I have a better chance of making this year the best ever experienced 2010 can be the paradigm shifter. The chance to really step it up and become better through it.
  • Need to change my living situation, whereby I have my own place to come back to, or on the way back from the tour to rent a place for the time being until the next tour. To have my own house would be even better, to figure that out though need to choose a location and pay it down as far as it needs to be paid down. In establishing my own place, I need to be sure my mobile income is enough to cover the expenses of that place and to also take a bicycle tour or two or three.
  • Also for 2010 I need to also consider if I am going to go looking for a girl or not be distracted by one instead.
  • To cover 10,000 miles by bike before New Years 2011 - To get out there and ride on a regular basis.
  • Get my glasses, so I can see better, and be able to work more effectively.
  • Increase workout times to keep my muscles strong so they do not atrophy, as well as helping in my Life Goal Of Living till the year 2076 and possibly beyond.
  • Improve sleep habits, to sleep at reasonable hours to work early enough not to be bothered by other things, while still getting the rest done. is

Spend Less time On Social Sites

The wonders of a world connected, except for when there is a social overload, when there is so much going on that days pass, from Morning to Afternoon and into night days pass when lost in the Socially Connected Verse. Though it is great to be connected to so many awesome people, on any of the social media outlets, like Facebook, Twitter and others, it is necessary to also consider it is important to balance the social time with the work time, without one overtaking the other. Meaning to Use The Timer as it is the one thing that can keep you on task for the specific experience. To spend less time on social medial it is necessary for me to use the timer, following recommendations in Time Management 101 as well as other articles I have read about time management. That is what it is all about, to make my time productive by forming new habits.

Time Management 101

Some techniques to be implemented in improving time Management so that I am able to make progress towards the Weekly Goals (An Example: For 12/20 to 12/26) In using the timer and keeping within well defined time frames, for each project you are working on in that moment. Do some research online and set a separate Delicious Tag Grouping on Time Management and read through those on a regular basis. Yet do not get to distracted, only as quick reference in increasing productivity and making progress.

System Upgrades 2010

Some of the things I expect to do for 2010 in improving the computer and the efficiency in which I use it. (Reference Objectives for 2010)
  • Purchase a Net Book to perhaps upgrade to Laptop Later
  • Get my HTC Wizard repaired or buy a replacement through ebay or other shopping outlets, to make sure I also have that for travels and experiences.
  • Get multiple terrabyte drives, using Sata instead of IDE, in that I will then be more able to make the most of the situation to setup a server that I can access and others too when mobile that is secure and stable based on community based initiatives such as Apache, My Sql and others. Once there is more space to work with on the local computer can also host my diverse domains in one place on my own server and provide similar services to others.
  • Also need to get a better video card AGP for now on the old build but for a new build a complete overhaul. Card should be dual screen compatible and work with Community based programs.

improve workspace to increase the flow of good energy.

On how to improve workspace, speaking about opening up things, helping the positive chi flow wisely by modifying desk design and the like. Though it could also be as simple, keeping the space clean and organized, more open is always beneficial. Getting the wireless keyboard and mouse was a first step in that direction, There is certainly more to be done, like getting a flat screen monitor that is big enough to see from a distance and is of good quality from a reputable brand.

Dual Coast Tour

Thoughts and ideas in regard to the needed funds to take a bike tour first along the East Coast, Atlantic Coast Trail. Then A train ride across the country from the East Coast to North west at Vancouver and down to San Diego via Pacific Coast Trail to see Suzette G. And Agui Munoz.

Spring and Summer 2010

To speak on my plans for Spring and Summer 2010, which is right around the corner most certainly. As Winter will pass soone enough and when it does there are other options and new opportunities, but it always comes back to the same thing, the cash, the green stuff that is used as common currency around the world. To even take a bike tour requires some additional income from some other means, through gigs or other jobs I go and do to make additional cash, or items that I sell. That is always clearly the challenge with any undertaking, there are possibilities through Binder & Binder to receive Social Security. Or there are gigs on monterey craiglist that could also produce income. The primary focus is on the Dual Coast Tour for this part of the year, but the other question is simply how do I get to the East Coast? I figure I could take a train out there, bring my bike along as baggage and when I get off the train ride to the first destination which is expected to be Boston. Need to Check with Amtrak, Greyhound and see what the cost may be, and then figure out how to make the income I need to make the trip. First to Boston, then follow the Atlantic Coast Trail down to Fort Lauderdale, another ride across the states by train getting off as far north as I can to start the Pacific Coast Trail in Vancouver, BC From North to South arriving in San Diego to see Suzette, and see if my buddy Agustin has a place there.

domains paid in advance

Here is where the need for more cash becomes more clear, as to make the cash in order to pay down these domains, and have them paid in advance for 3 years or more, in order to not have to worry about the chance they may expire as mentioned in Reviewing 2009 whereby hok-international.net was taken offline around the middle of the year and I never got it paid off now it is completely expired and really I need to turn it around and either sell it or build something new and different.

Multiple Mobile Income Streams

To step it up and mobilize the work I do, thereby having an opportunity to experience the tour while still making money as iI go. Having either or broth my smart-phone working and/or a net-book that can be charged by solar power so that I am able to hold a charge and write as I go along for as many miles the tour would become. When most things are web based as far as income production goes, they can work wherever you are or when ever you next find some Internet access. Being able to work offline then to post it online when you next have a chance, is a great way to approach it, so there is a necessary focus on what needs to be done, a process worth repeating time and time again. As wherever you are someone may not of been there and they can appreciate any advice you might offer to the wayward traveler. Being that the case it is possible to make income as you go, just need to make sure it is consistent enough to take care of the most basic expenses.

My Debts paid down

Making it a point to come into the end of 2010 with far less debt then I started it with, to be able to pay down all these long overdue debts, so that I no longer have to worry about them. Although as I think about it, they really don't need to be paid, simply because of the fact that once they are, it is more easy to be less stressed. Also opening up additional opportunities, for more funding, but really I need to be careful because the same cycle can repeat all over again, and end up in the same place as before. To do that it takes more of that green stuff, that paper with writing on it, to step it up and to pay back what was not originally an expense until you chose to seek out help from others, knowing full well even then it may be difficult to grow beyond that.

Bike Upgrades

Thursday, December 31, 12:17 PM Some of the things I need to do with my bike so it is better prepared for the Dual Coast Tour in 2010, referencing Objectives for 2010 as one of my Directives for this coming year.
  • Should get a new Drive Train, and Make sure it works well and do some reading on the ability to Maintain your Own Bike.
  • Have the rear axle replaced as the current one is bent, so that when I am coasting all I hear is the wind in my ears not the noise from a bent axle.
  • Also need to replace the tires, get some of the same type but newer from Bear Bikes, so that there is a much lower likelihood that I will end up running out of tread or tire for that matter.
  • Get the the Rack Bag Repaired or Fix Myself as it just needs the main zipper replaced, it would cost 10 dollars to send it to Jand, but it could work out better, or at the very least may do a better job of repairing it.
  • Write up a List of Needed Touring Gear as to be better prepared for the Long Distance Tour and work out the budget to get all I need at fair prices.

2010 can be the paradigm shifter

By stepping up my efforts, and forming new habits, can make 2010 truly a year of change and growth, both of which are so important that you may not even believe it. To do that really takes a new foundation of solid habits that have been changed, to build the base of what will be a new opportunity for life and living.

change my living situation

As I have been here in this house for far to long, it is about time I start figuring out the direction I want to go, to establish the independence once enjoyed fully and unequivocally. The bike tour is an opportunity to both expand my horizons as well as look at the alternatives to living situations. To find a place that may actually be affordable in a beautiful area far enough away from the town that can enjoy the silence, an opportunity to meditate and to grow beyond this moment now.

cover 10,000 miles by bike

The Objective for 2010 is to get more riding done, and with this number in mind, I need to focus on making all the miles count as each day passes. To do may be easier then I thought, to follow through is the most challenging aspect, to actually do consistently could be the answer.

Get my glasses

Since my genes have something to do with it, becomes necessary to have glasses so that I can see the world in all it's glory, from the smallest to the largest things. To do that thought requires that I first find my Prescription, and bring it over to Lens-Crafters and talk with Greg about getting me a pair of glasses that are nice but not to expensive. As well as flexible in that they are are transitional and tough enough for bicycling on the roughest trails, as they need to be as flexible and tough as i am in order to keep alive for so many years. In the simplest terms they need to be able to last through all sorts of weather and conditions that often being on the road on a bike will present.

Increase workout times

As I have a tendency sometimes to forget how a strong body needs constant stimulation and regular workouts I really need to make it a point in 2010 to get more exercise, as the less exercise I get then there is a higher likelihood that there could be other issues later down the road, because honestly I am nearing 40 in about 7 years and what I do during this time in my life will make a huge difference then, because it is a matter of getting the most exercise and keeping your body healthy, so that you live a long life. As such it is important to setup a regular workout schedule, to keep my body limber and my health always on the up-tick, not digressing but progressing.

Improve sleep habits

This is a big one, it makes sense because for me to be the most effecting based on the current situation, I need to get more work done earlier in the day so that other things that may come up do not interfere with the time I need to use for my work, for my writing. for the future, and for the life I am working towards where there is flexibility and there is opportunity to experience things much earlier on in my life. To do that requires that I make it a point to first Use The Timer as mentioned in Time Management 101 as well as make the most of the time I have, to use that time productively, and efficiently. It is more important then most people want to admit, for lack of sleep has also a tendency to harm your health, which then filters into the other objectives, as you need good health to make the most of each day. As each day is a new opportunity for progression, for seeing more and more of the full spectrum of color.

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[Sickness & Health...True Stories and Solid Solutions.] Cycling for Health

Blue 21 Inch Giant Rincon & Specialized Stumpjumper

You want long life right? You would rather exist for many years. So as such does it not make sense to take the time for a simple exercise such as bicycling? Offering up a wonderful workout and viewing things differently. Certainly the initial start up is rather steep dependent on what you are looking for. Once the bike is purchased the long term benefits becomes clear. A low impact exercise, the wind in your face and the views to see. To ride is to exist, and why not exist a long time?

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Kung Fu Kitty ~ Mona At War

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Subject: Kung Fu Kitty
Date: Sat, 15 Dec 2007 21:22:23 GMT
From: Knatchwa <noreply@blogger.com>

What a fun day for sure today Mona the brave decided to show us some of her kitten kung fu ... the battle was fierce between mona and annie, with one flying roundhouse punch annie stepped back. A kitty that jumps like a kangaroo, with an effective strike, certainly quite the sight. Will have to get photos later when she decides to share further of her technique in kitten kung fu.

KiiiYaaa Kitty shots coming soon.

Amazing how long ago this was put together, in over three years ago and I started to recognize how positively this little tortoise shell cat has grown, through how many years it astounds me how fast time flies don't you think?

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Dream Sessions - Two Assassins, One Life.

A means to an end, to understand better the existence you know, to take the time to recognize there are deeper lessons in dreams.

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I am a writer, avid cyclist, and dream journalist who made a choice Long Ago, To Live my Life Fully.

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"Adopt the Pace of Nature, her secret is patience." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Two Assasins - One Life 01.02.10

To speak on Dreams, to analyze dream sessions, and through that understand the self better .... The Power of The Subconscious, and The Lessons it offers ... Two attempts at my life, by two assassins dually hired by the same people in power who are only there because of the abundance of misinformation to long touted that people began to believe. In that false belief a means to push forward agendas that more then likely will solidify their existence to be quite good as well as a means to make sure their own families are better off. Myself in a large building single story, with some basic armament available, a shotgun and a 9mm handgun. Plenty of ammo for both weapons, the ability to load up 12 shots in the 12 gauge with some modification. I am a teacher in this dream, but not of the traditional sort, as I saw the flaws in what I was told to teach, and instead of spreading misinformation I made a choice to share real knowledge with my students, and associates. Also why I became a Target, simply because I was telling the truth not the lies. Through that truth many of those at the higher rungs were at risk of losing what they thought they had from the campaign of misinformation. I was not willing to just go along instead I challenged every bit of it, and helped my students think for themselves. The first assassin, a sniper, only knowing that if he aimed just right he would hit the target no matter how far below it was, since the building he was in was about 3 stories he was at the top aiming for me, thinking it was a sure thing he would hit me and the job would be done, but it was not to be. He aimed the gun cocked back the hammer and fired two shots in rapid succession with slightly different trajectory flying down towards me it would be two bullets one on either side. Somehow I noticed them and either consciously or subconsciously, somehow dodged both bullets. As a sniper expects things to happen at one shot at a time this one I shot twice, both of which missed the target, who somehow dodged them. He figured it was a failure and left, when perhaps more shots would of done the trick, but this was a man trained to be a sniper and to long told it should only take one shot, and he had shot twice. Once it was all said and done I moved on, knowing that he would have to report to his superiors it was a failure and would go about his business, or continue his life, as I walked around these thoughts were in my head. The day ended and darkness crept over, I was able to sleep one more night, knowing that in all likelihood there would be a second attempt, but more likely during the day then the night. With that closure of thought I finally laid down and fell asleep, until the sun came up. It was the next day, as expected when the regular workday was done I spotted one more person remaining after closing, and I figured that must be the next of the hired help, again trying to silence the truth so that the misinformation can flow freely and more would believe it, not knowing that it was all lies. And in that ignorance, that selective awareness those in power would stay in power. This assailant was differently trained, taught to be sure by verifying personally that the kill is complete, to work with Close Quarter Weaponry to be damn sure he did not fail his mission. This was a man (beast) who never failed because he personally made sure by taking out the target in short range showdown. He did not make the same mistake the first one had, in fact he came right down to ground level and sought me out. Aware that there was another one after my life, to insure the misinformation continues, I took some different steps also, as the first one was a long range killer, thought he could take out anyone at any distance, this one was a person who made it a point to be sure that the directive is complete, that the target was no longer breathing, so there was no chance of survival once in a close range combat situation. In that awareness I prepared myself, going and getting the shotgun, loading it up with 12 shells, and firing it off to make sure it was working properly. To do that once I loaded up the shotgun I fired it at a building nearby which apparently had something like 10 stories and I blew out a window at about the eighth story with the shotgun. These buildings were abandoned because I figured it was better to be in a run down side of the town, to wage war, on those who want false knowledge to flourish. Though it seemed there was a house that was occupied nearby where some lady was calling the cops or something trying to say she just heard shots and a window breaking. I paid no attention to her as my focus was on the assailant not on the surrounding. As I continued to move stealthily about I got a glimpse of him doing the same, I could tell he was well trained, possibly a guerrilla from some long lost war, as he seemed to be quite content in his surrounding using it to the best of his advantage, we were closely matched in that though I knew the lay of the land a bit better then he did, though he did seem to be a quick study. Eventually we ran out of space to move about, in an open area right about the middle of a long overgrown courtyard, I saw my assailant face to face, we battled for a bit, during which time I must of dropped my shotgun, but had found a sword, or something like a sword instead. He still had his pistol, but he was not in control so much as he should of been, as soon as I had a solid grip on the sword I sliced open is face, from forehead down to his neck. Anyone else would of been dead at that point, yet for some reason this particular assassin seemed to don his human skin only as an outside, as a shield to his actual self. As once the skin was cut open I saw a head, but not a human head, nor an alien head, but that of an eagle, an eagle warrior from the days of the Mayans, he looked at me with those piercing eyes, I heard the hammer go back and seems a bullet went somewhere, I did not pay attention instead I begin to chop away at this things neck with this strangely designed sword I had in my hand. With each cut deeper and deeper the blade went, I continued on and could tell this thing was dying more and more with every blow, all the while as I was cutting this things neck I was screaming in some kind of ancient tongue with every blow louder, and louder, until eventually the blade went completely through his otherwise armored neck and his head flew off, leaving in it's wake only a bloody stump still shooting blood, trying to feed a brain that is no longer there. Taking a deep breath, to make sure I was not fatally shot, I walked away, to live another day another opportunity, to tell the truth to a world that was slowly beginning to believe false ideas, from false prophets. Giving away their rights, in the name of National Security, letting the fear that is so often spoke about on every major news outlet. It is all lies, and I made a choice long ago to continue to speak the truth, regardless of what others may say, or if by saying the truth those in the top rungs of this society, shakes up their otherwise perfect world, I continue on, continue educating those who want to know the real story. Who need to know the truth, to be aware that they have a choice, not to be forced into submission by talk of fear, of death of destruction. Only spoke of so consecutively, because it sells, people buy the stories of doom and gloom, that 12.12.12 is the end of the world simply because it is divisible by 6 in all aspects. Yet another aspect of misinformation, to keep people from thinking for themselves. From doing something for the environment now, to make it better for the generations to come and for those who want to see 2076, who know if people will take the time to help the environment, help themselves and redirect thinking they can make a difference, we can make a difference in this world, to make it a place that will last for another million plus years. The world has lasted many millions of years, it did not just start 2010 years ago, in fact it is much older then all of that and yet people still speak to this world only being a couple thousand years old. This is yet another bit of misinformation as science speaks to it clearly, carbon dating speaks of millions of years, trees been around for longer then that, people open your eyes, do not let those in power send assassins after you simply because you want to believe something different, survive fight if you must, to insure there is true knowledge and increased awareness of why we need to do what we can now, so that the earth lasts another million years or longer, we must no longer be a self destructive species don't you agree?

Redirect Thinking

Change the mind from Simple Consumer Mono Chromatic Impulse Buyer and Media Puppets with Short Term Aspirations to a Business Person with Long Term aspirations who will Make The Change Embrace Change Understand the Situation after letting Person In The Mirror know what needs to be done and will be done to make TheChange to improve his/her own Life and Escape the Media Puppets dom to be there own person. Understanding the power of Delay Gratification can also help you realize that it can be done, and that the reward is forthcoming as long as you stay consistent in your efforts whatever they may be day by day.

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12 Tips to Achieve your Life Goals - Ah Ha Moment

  • Make Goals realistic: In the past, I have always chosen huge macro changes that were frankly intimidating. This was a huge mistake. Once you understand what goals needs conquering, it's important to reduce them to their lowest level by defining the smaller elements. By chopping large tasks into a series of smaller ones, you will be encouraged to continue. As you complete each mini-task, your mental "yes I can do it" factor will rise exponentially. It is critical to keep positive motivation and reinforcement. By reducing obstacles to their lowest level, you will not be overwhelmed.
  • As I was thinking about it - I had some goals I put together for this new year ahead using Tomboy Notes (http://goo.gl/aEwo) , and I realized to break it down to it's most basic levels I should use the ability of Tomboy to Link to New Notes - Which would mean making each of my goals a separate note, so that in each I can understand the depth that is needed to really make those goals or those objectives, work for the new year ahead.

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