Riding bike to Monterey - A Goal Evolving.

Damn the rain, sometimes, it can be annoying when you set an objective to ride a bike to Monterey every single Tuesday, except for the fact that, when the goal was set it was not ever considered there might be rain, and yet here we are how many Tuesday's have passed andn I have not rode simply because rain is falling. Not like the picture of the bike beside this text, weather like that will probably not be seen until Summer, or even perhaps Spring.

The question seems to be if you make a choice to ride a bike every Tuesday should you ride Rain or Shine or choose a wiser path, where when you ride, you know that from the start to the finish you will be riding with the sun at your back.

Honestly though for true riding in the rain there are tools that are needed, things like Fenders, like money just in case something goes wrong, things that are important on the off chance that things do not work out as planned. The point being, that it is important to consider the weather and how it will relate to your health. Certainly with the lightweight pants and a light shirt with a jacket that will dry quickly, it could be done, but to do that with what I have now, is an exercise in futility. It does not mean the goal is not being met, it is that the goal is constantly evolving just as we do from one day to the next.

Considering that as fact is a first step in understanding that goals though often specific can change, as time progresses there is the consistent inconsistency that will result in that particular goal, coming to fruition. Through that a journey will emerge and challenges will be overcome, it is not that I am not fulfilling the goal I am evolving with the goal, and that makes all the difference.

What do you think? Do goals evolve with you? Should they instead be steadfast and kept to without condition? Or if you do that will you be setting yourself up for failure? Share in the comments.

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Free For All Revisited | By Peter Wayner

Again I'm getting ahead of myself. There have been many victories over the last ten years and it would be a shame not to spend some time celebrating the gifts they've brought to our world. They may not be perfect, but they are still worth noting and enjoying. So here's a list of ways that I think the book succeeded followed immediately by a discussion of how it failed.

I remember reading this book in paper form and when he made it available for free I took a look at the electronic version, but thus far from what I have seen up to this point this version is the best ever, with an updated forward, to recall the Last 10 Years, the time that it has been since the book was published and how the Free Software Movement has been moving in Leaps and Bounds.

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Writing using Paper & Pencil - Or Greener Options?

Just finished one more tablet full of information - the next choice is to go green and electronic or buy more tablets? Thoughts?

Some may say they rather the classic idea of a writer, who is using a tablet and a pencil to write out his thoughts to one day bring them all together, to write a book or a novel, a big that will last through the ages. 

In today's society though I wonder is it more important to make an attempt for a greener approach or continue the way I always have in the simple effort of writing out a sentence on a piece of paper instead of on a word processing screen, or a blog entry. 

Does it make sense to make that change, so that you and the person in the mirror can make a choice to do what is possible to help the environment be better for the next generation? In putting forth effort today, in the present to decrease your use of paper that was once a tree? What are your thoughts? Share them in the comments. 


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A Letter To My Father - Wondering Why?
03:11 hours; 
Raymond Marr:

"Certainly our biological make up was the same but those who raised us were not. We each became a very separate person as we had all been through different experiences, some for the better others for the worst. We were a direct result of the home we
had been forced to live in by social services, the most impressionable years lost and each with there own specific training and ideas of what they should be. What priorities should be in place, for the necessary progress from a life that had been damaged, from a family separated not by choice except your own, to not make the changes that were necessary to keep us in the home we once knew seemingly such a long time ago. A life perhaps long forgotten, whether by choice to block what is painful or simply because it truly was that long ago. Regardless of what it may have been, what I know now has made me become who I am today, by practising the free will we each have. To find my own path instead of follow where others have gone. Though that void still resides in a life lost it is better to move on then to try and fill such a thing that often reaches the deepest recesses of the heart."



A Letter to My Father - Questioning Why & How.

Letter to My Father                                                    

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Dreams | The Lessons they Present | The Views They Challenge.

The Strangeness of Dreams | Lessons                                                          

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G! Removes Support For IE6 | Finally – Let the Future

For Far to Long has Internet Explore Six been the bane of a web developers existence, the one browser to many still use, even if it is as old as XP is now. A browser that never has followed standards, had been the one browser developers had to modify, every little aspect of their design just so that it could look right on this browser that should have been phased out a very long time ago.
via Google Removes IE6 Support

To recognize there needs to be progress, there needs to be growth and forward motion to moving over to HTML5, of standards based design that will both improve and enhance the end users experience when they finally break away from the annoyance that is Internet Explorer 6.

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Ride On - The Journey By Bike | Quote By Ernest Hemingway | Bicycling

It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best, since you have to sweat up the hills and coast down them. Thus you remember them as they actually are, while in a motor car only a high hill impresses you, and you have no such accurate remembrance of country you have driven through as you gain by riding a bicycle. ~Ernest Hemingway

Read More: Bike Journeys On Blogspot

There is much power in that sentiment, in the idea that there is options, there is other options to explore besides what we know, or at least think we know. In recognizing that by Human Power you truly see the difference, you recognize that it is better to explore what is offered around you, of what you have worked for with every ascent is an eventual descent.

Through such simple awareness you see and understand you can experience things in a different way by human power, on a bicycle that can travel the same distances with the additional benefit of being able to enjoy the sights and surrounding that would otherwise be missed.

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Ride On - The Journey By Bike

When I go biking, I repeat a mantra of the day’s sensations: bright sun, blue sky, warm breeze, blue jay’s call, ice melting and so on. This helps me transcend the traffic, ignore the clamorings of work, leave all the mind theaters behind and focus on nature instead. I still must abide by the rules of the road, of biking, of gravity. But I am mentally far away from civilization. The world is breaking someone else’s heart. ~Diane Ackerman

Such great words, to take on the challenge is to keep on task, rain or shine, whether easy or difficult I truly need to take the steps and get back out there and ride, it is sad to say the one account I setup for bicycling related information on twitter has been to long devoid of new thoughts or ideas and stories of rides which previously was what became the tweets from that account.

As Such from this point forward to February 2010, I need to take the steps and ride, as the initial plan before was to travel to Boston and ride come March, but to do that requires some previous conditioning and additional income both of which are on my goals list. So this is the start, the rest of the story can only be seen as the action is taken and I get out and ride again.

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A Lazy Day In July | A Message on the Environment | Call To Action for Change

environment.july.2009.pdf (68 KB)
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To speak on and about the environment that we must change, from thoughts of a Lazy Summer Day, to thoughts of the change we really need to make in the here and now, the change we truly need to make in order to progress beyond what has to long been known as the "Popular" View even if it is based on mostly false data that the media presents as fact in order to sell, to get the ratings and to wipe the brain. To get you to subscribe to these false prophets and false people who speak as if is fact, when what the media is presenting is only what sells and what has been censored in order to fulfill their own vision of what should be the facts so they can sell more.

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#43Things Bicycling The Weekend - So Far No Ride - Raymond Marr added an entry about ride my bike more: I often wo... http://ow.ly/16txnZ

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