A Better Decade for Business is Coming - Gill Corkindale - Harvard Business Review

Clever words and concepts are not necessary. Simplicity is the key: be real, be aware, be fair, be human, be balanced, be mature, be ethical, be inclusive, be truthful, be responsible. Know yourself, try to know others, know what matters and what does not.

Great article speaking on ways to improve life and living, to improve this new year that is just around the corner, to take the time to read it through is only the first step afterwards there needs to be more then that. To take the action on the thoughts and to take steps in a new direction.

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Reconnect with Nature Barefoot - Wikihow

Try to interpret the new sensations as just that, new sensations. At first, the unfamiliar textures overwhelm the tactile senses. The first ten minutes or so for a beginning barefooter can be the most difficult. You will be in a process of adjustment. Most find that after this time (sometimes just as they were about to give up), the going became considerably easier. Did you ever get too much wax (or some water) in your ear for a while, and then when you got it out, the world seemed really LOUD. Perhaps, when you first take your shoes off, the ground is too "loud". It's like listening to a lot of uncomfortable noise. After a while, your body adjusts and you begin to "hear the music".

This is an amazing article on truly reconnecting with the earth by experiencing it without shoes. That ability to revert to days before when people knew those sensations but could not explain it. Also serving as an example that all these things society claims we must do, in actuality may not be really what you need to do.

Meaning in simpler terms, it is better to challenge society, to challenge majority held views, like the idea of shoes, when you consider it, is based on fear, or on the idea of "Civilization" that the feet should be hidden, never to experience the sensations of the ground they once knew.

Considering more people are noticing this in this day and age, with people remembering how much better it is to run without shoes, as offered by wired (http://www.wired.com/wiredscience/2009/07/barefoot/) along with many other sources that speak to how it is often beneficial.

So why do you think so many never experience it? Simply because they are told that is how they need to be? Or they have subscribed to the idea that feet should be covered like every other part of the body, as if the clothes in themselves are a protective shell, from nothing in particular, except for the fact that if you are walking nude, the moral majority, will try and get you arrested, simply because you wanted to remember how things were.

We came into this world naked, and then the commonly held views of clothes of accepted practices, slowly but surely fortified false ideas, that we then taught to the next generation and the one after that.

We begin to forget about how we used to love to run barefoot, and did not care if we were out at the pool when only children if we were wearing nothing. It's an interesting concept don't you think? In fact Supertramp's - Logical Song (http://rogerhodgson.com/index.html), seems to speak to a similar idea, that people are forced to become something they are not as they get older. They change because everyone tells them they are supposed too.

To forget about having fun, and go and get a job, work till your 65, or whatever the chosen retirement age is now and then live life, instead of remembering that the kid you were is still a part of you, and it is possible that child within is suffocating. If you just go with the idea that the child is supposed to be forgotten, and you are supposed to be an adult, and never enjoy the things you once did as a kid.

It is odd to me, when I read through such ideas, this article helped me remember that there are other ways to reconnect with nature, to feel the earth beneath your bare feet, not under a lug rubber sole but to be there on the ground walking, hiking. Why not give it a try, why not remember the kid inside still exists, and to run barefoot or hike barefoot. To be free of the clothes that seem to often bind you, and make you self conscious. What do you think, share it in the comments.

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MOVE YOUR MONEY - 2010 Needs to be a Time For Change.

In Line with The Zeitgeist Movement (http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=7065205277695921912 ) this is something to consider in this new year, this new beginning just ahead. To consider that it is better to support your community then to support Corporatism.

To consider there is steps that need to be done to make progress into a better future. To put the control back in the hands of the people, of those who are in the community, makes sense?

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100 Things to Watch in 2010 (and the 40 That Might Matter to Your Business) : Marketing :: American Express OPEN Forum

11. Electronic Libraries
Digital books are fast becoming available to the public for free: Libraries are starting to lend e-books and downloadable audio books that patrons can access from home; Google is working with authorities on its controversial plan to create the world’s biggest digital library; and the EU’s i2010 initiative includes a digital libraries program.

Interesting thing that is actually one of my New Years Resolutions to decrease, paper usage after watching ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jqxENMKaeCU )that spoke about, the eucalyptus trees that are often used for making of paper and how they don't help the environment, more is spoke about ( http://homeofknatchwa.posterous.com/tag/video ) and so in my own view it seems that should be the future.

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100 Things and 40 That Matter

France’s Joie de Vivre Index, initiated by President Nicolas Sarkozy, is intended to provide a better assessment of well-being than the classic measure of economic health, the GDP. Look for more countries or companies to embrace alternative measures of prosperity, such as the Triple Bottom Line of people, profits and planet.

Great point of view, and solid on the triple bottom line, consider all aspects of the world is better then to just focus on one, that would otherwise be profit based.

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FREE electricity in every home?! | Bit Rebels ~ Possible Maybe.

When you consider it - it does hold true yet I don't know if it is really free, if the power is turned off in a house would it still work? Quite possibly, though to really try it requires taking the time too, not to mention shutting off all other power sources in the home from the switchbox, seems that would make it a more accurate experiment. Even if it is a small amount it seems, could work for the most basic things.

Yet really in my view, it seems by setting up solar panels you could do the same thing at a higher cost, that is have free power from the sun. Yet this offers an interesting thing to ponder, and will have to try it. Will you try it to? See if we can get some comments here about your experiences with this idea.

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Alternative Transportation ~ Waukegan, Il haha

Talk about alternative transportation with bounce, hahaha, this is a great one. Just missing the hydraulics and then your set.

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Homeless Program In Need Of Blankets - Central Coast News Story - KSBW The Central Coast

Shelter Outreach Plus' Mobile Outreach Program, which is a service that hands out blankets to the homeless living on the streets, is in need of blankets for the winter season.

To offer your support in this objective makes a big difference, as I remember when I was homeless for the holidays;

As we have been in the holiday season for a time now, since Thanksgiving has come to pass and here we are, less then a week from Christmas, and even through this supposedly joyous time, it is important to remember where I have been. The life I lived not to many holidays ago. A life few should ever have to endure, but I found it to be a hard lesson that must be learned. Reality can be a disciplined teach to say the least, the article shared below speaks more to this trying time in my life and how I overcame it to be where I am today. via Knatchwa at Wordpress - Being Homeless for the Holidays

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Book Review - 'The Faith Instinct - How Religion Evolved and Why It Endures,' by Nicholas Wade - Review - NYTimes.com

Nicholas Wade’s book “The Faith Instinct” is at its best when putting us through such exercises and sidelining the by-now tiresome debates about religion as a force for good or evil. According to Wade, a New York Times science writer, religions are machines for manufacturing social solidarity. They bind us into groups. Long ago, codes requiring altruistic behavior, and the gods who enforced them, helped human society expand from families to bands of people who were not necessarily related. We didn’t become religious creatures because we became social; we became social creatures because we became religious. Or, to put it in Darwinian terms, being willing to live and die for their coreligionists gave our ancestors an advantage in the struggle for resources.

A very interesting point of view, on the long pondered God Gene, From one writer who is speaking what is on his mind, however it may challenge yours. What do you think?

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Tough Days ~ Quote And A Picture That Relate

Because Days Suck Sometimes - Feeling Like This?

There is a light at the end of every tunnel....just pray it's not a train!.

Even when a day sucks that much, you may as well see if you can salvage some happiness of it, even if it is just one more day you will have a chance to see and explore, at the very least that is a reason to be happy to recognize though times can be tough, they generally always come full circle and begin to get better - you just need to decide if today went to Shit, just make tomorrow an even better day.

In that simple step in a new direction at least you can take the day that did not go how you expected it to, as only a lesson, something not to be repeated by simply making a conscious choice to make today your very best day, every person has a choice about how they feel, why not make a choice to feel better then to feel worst.

To make the choice to make tomorrow a better day then today, to choose to grow through the challenges and experience life as the quote below speaks clearly to;

As each day comes to us refreshed and anew, so does my gratitude renew itself daily.  The breaking of the sun over the horizon is my grateful heart dawning upon a blessed world.  ~Adabella Radici

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Purpose - A Quote that is right on.

"The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Amazing sentiment from an amazing writer, it sounds like a list of steps to take in order to live your best life, to grow through it's challenges, to leave a legacy. Just as he has done in so many years, Ralph Waldo Emerson, was certainly one of the worlds great speakers, why not share some of his quotes in the comments below, and share how he inspired you?

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Dreams ~ A Quote on Focusing Forward

The problems of the world cannot possibly be solved by skeptics or cynics whose horizons are limited by the obvious realities. We need men who can dream of things that never were. ~John Keats

There is power in that simple sentiment, in a quote, that we the people of this world, are being relied upon to make changes in the world now for the existence tomorrow. Those who need to make the change are those who want to make the change, who don't speak of doom or gloom, as a skeptic or cynic would, but instead to make a change there needs to be a belief there can be change. There needs to be action in that objective, by people with similar focus on actual progress not digression simply because they chose to believe the skeptics or cynics.

Progress starts with people understanding there can be progress, and who are then also willing to work out an approach to it, to look beyond the box, step outside and start to really put forth conscious effort on true progression. Those who are willing to take the time to think differently, to think for themselves and to grow through that strong belief, that yes they can make change, not only that they are choosing to make change come hell or high water. To do what it takes to put focus forward, to make progress in a direction of long overdue change.

Make the choice to be one of those who want to solve problems;

Read More @ Focus Forward Project 2009

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Ubuntu & Windows ~ Not A Perfect Contradiction when Virtualized.

Now let’s get to it, really it is a simple process, from the start to the finish but as a relatively new user myself I realize that it is better to keep it simple and straightforward and that is my objective in this post on Ubuntu101. ~ Installing Virtual Guest Additions On Ubuntu

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Clarity Of Mind ~ A Result of Lack Of Sleep?

It's at night, when perhaps we should be dreaming, that the mind is most clear, that we are most able to hold all our life in the palm of our skull.  I don't know if anyone has ever pointed out that great attraction of insomnia before, but it is so; the night seems to release a little more of our vast backward inheritance of instincts and feelings; as with the dawn, a little honey is allowed to ooze between the lips of the sandwich, a little of the stuff of dreams to drip into the waking mind.  I wish I believed, as J. B. Priestley did, that consciousness continues after disembodiment or death, not forever, but for a long while.  Three score years and ten is such a stingy ration of time, when there is so much time around.  Perhaps that's why some of us are insomniacs; night is so precious that it would be pusillanimous to sleep all through it!  A "bad night" is not always a bad thing.  ~Brian W. Aldiss

A unique interpretation, of the idea of the night as a time to think, of the late moments, those moments of absolute clarity without distraction. Though I understand there is importance in sleep, I often wonder what thoughts may be if I close my eyes and not think about it.

Often it is in those late hours, those times of silence throughout the hat that true creativity flows so freely, as a writer, and an explorer of the potential within me I recognize why sometimes I do not sleep. It is simply because, it is in the silence, and the absolute opportunity to truly reflect that sleep seems like a dream in and of itself.

Even thus last night, and two nights more I lay,
And could not win thee, Sleep, by any stealth:
So do not let me wear to-night away.
Without thee what is all the morning's wealth?
Come, blessed barrier between day and day,
Dear mother of fresh thoughts and joyous health!
~William Wordsworth, "To Sleep"

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Potential Within YourSelf

"To know that within yourself you have infinite potential to make a difference, why limit yourself instead of going with the flow step it up and swim against the current."


Ray Marr

To Interpret The Sky - Forgot about the Roads.To Focus Forward Through Life ~ Live It Fully, by Doing More Then Just Existing.

In making a choice to grow, in making a decision to know yourself better to recognize within yourself you have a choice, an opportunity to improve your life, thereby improving the life of those who have not yet been born, who may only be an idea at this moment. To Grow Through it by making a choice to change today.

How to Be A Hero For Your Family;

Making Conscious Decisions, to Focus Forward through your life are only one part of a larger idea, of an overall perspective and choice to be the best person you can be, for yourself and for your family. The article mentioned below is one part of that process, to become the hero in your family and the example that should be followed.
via Home Of Knatchwa ~ Focus Forward Project 2009

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Watch on posterous

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Sensory Overload ~ Common Challenge Today via Home of Knatchwa, Posterously Speaking.

Sensory Overload - Part Of Life?

To understand that in the world we are living in today, change, and sensory overload are becoming far to common an occurrence, with this wonderful thing called technology, but it also has a tendency to make us forget the world outside of this little place we know, in our own little safe area. Away from anything but what the media chooses to speak too. Residing in Metal Boxes with wheels and a motor, thinking we are impervious to the reality, just as long as we stay in our safe place. To not rock the boat, even if in your heart you know something is wrong, that it should not be this way.

The bombardment of media, telling you what is new and what you should buy, the world being able to connect with you wherever you may be. Is it such a beneficial thing? Do you ever wonder, how it is affecting you? Or do you just take it as a fact of life?

Forgetting the world we live in today is a direct result of relatives from times past, using sweat equity, to get things where they need to be, to give you what you know today as yours. What we know today as this society, the one which we live in. Even if it is not anything like the world it was supposed to be, a place of opportunity, of stepping away from the same old ideas, of the American Dream as told by the media. Instead we need to make a choice to take some steps in the direction of real and absolute change, don't you think?

Recent Post On Sensory Overload

Old Ideas In A New Society with the artificial dyes, on the paper that used to be a tree, considering where it goes, from the post office to the home, only to eventually end up back in the environment, a sort of recycling. Though that is not the point at all, it is the idea that with the world today, while more and more people are becoming part of the Internets, accustomed to email, status updates all done online. No trees affected, no dyes used to be put back in the ground as they decompose because these same cards have been through the cycle, where they always end up in the same situation. Eventually discarded, certainly appreciated in the first place, the wonder of getting a card from someone you may not of heard from in so long. In a paperless society, of an environmentally aware civilization, where we would hope to be today, would it not be better to save those trees in the first place? To keep those dyes out of commonwealth, so that something as artificial as they are does not have a chance to affect this already sensitive eco system.
via Old Ideas in a New Society

Sensory Overload

In Society Today there are far to many things that often happen at once, that makes it more difficult to remember how things were before, there was one point Not So Long Ago where more would ride a bike or walk then drive a car, but I wonder what happened to them and why did it happen in that way? So since this seems an appropriate Writing and Blogs topic I will have to look at it once I finish the most recent entry for #Bicycling and Health which is coming along nicely. More was written on Sensory Overload via http://yourhealth2k9.wordpress.com and more should be written on besides in the coming week.

Writing and Blogs

To take the time right now to get this done to write on topics that intrigue me or get me or you thinking about the possibilities of life on Alternative Transportation like walking, bicycling, public transit, decreasing your carbon footprint by using your car less and using your Human Power! more.

Bicycling and Health

The month of July is supposed to be a month of BicyclingToday and about BicyclistsToday to speak on and to write about the wonders of bicycling and why everyone should be out there riding, how there are other possibilities then driving #An Automobile with less pollution and added -=Health Benefits=- to mix to ExtendLife by simply making TheChoice to do something different to take steps in a new direction for new experiences yet to be had. Also makes sense to look at blogs that are doing well that are on the grow one such example is http://bikesnobdc..com I will have to read up on more of his writing as he may also be worthy of a follow. Bicyclists United, can truly make a difference. Thursday, July 16, 2:06 PM "Forgot to take my vitamin today. The road to health, like the road to work, is full of potholes." via http://twitter.com/Tracy_Hancock/status/2676079612 20.07.2009 03:07 To complete Bicycling and Health Month what I can do is finish Write Out - My First Bicycle Tour 2003 via Tasque. That would be a fitting end to this interesting month, but the question is there is only about 10 days left in it, so I need to organize my thoughts and figure out best approach. Though actually, as I consider it, I could continue Bicycling and Health through the weekends in August 2009.

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Additional Information on Wordpress Blogs ~ Home of Knatchwa, Posteriously Speaking.

Raymond Marr

Word Press

Is a new medium that has a bit more interesting options then Blogger which is why I decided to go with it for the moment... Also the ease of redirection as I guess you can also do with Blogspot via Blogger seems to make good sense to me, So I took the proper steps in this new direction and begin setting up blogs at Word Press and yet I wonder if it is similarly how it went with Blogspot, mutliple blogs on multiple subjects, that are worked on every now and again. So Really I need to look at that aspect of the circumstance. Currently Writing; And others soon to be added. Referencing OpenSource to Third World Countries and other notes as mentioned.


profile @ http://draft.blogger.com/profile/07796560630834377585 as a viable option the original place hosted through Google that many of my Earlier Blogs reside such as; Sunday, July 12, 6:15 PM And as I look at it, constantly amazing to me that there has been so much content created even with simply an article a two a day, but to keep the pace high enough may be more difficult sometimes as there needs to be momentum and Reader Connection or the writing is for naught except for the occasional browser who finds something interesting.

OpenSource to Third World Countries

As a place to work on the details and set up a best approach scenario to bring that cause into the Ubuntu101 Blog located at http://ubuntu101.wordpress.com in line with Sunday 07 which speaks to some of the objectives in this New Week Ahead where entries should be added to Word Press and Blogger to balance out the information that is flowing so well. Also to either modify the Fb! Cause Description via FaceBook and then to merge some of the messages and the posts related to it into the Word Press Blog It as mentioned. at http://raymondmarr.com/ as well as through Blogger Feeds and any information that otherwise may be limited.

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Eclectic Method - Haul The Decks 2009

A fun video - Jamming to the sounds of something or other remixed for your listening pleasure and a way to close out the holiday season with some fun music besides.

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Ubuntu 101 Blog ~ MIT going Closed Source Why?

In it’s most simple terms, it is because to many see Microsoft as the only solution to anything related to Desktop Software, so to make it clear I used that as a visual clue, as what Microsoft has done really has nothing to do with anything but the green in the pocket, and a group of happy investors, honestly what has Microsoft offered to the community. Before the trial of Microsoft’s Monopilistic tendencies, there was little if nothing they offered to the community, to the public at large. Removing Netscape, severing it’s community based roots, forcing people to use their browser unless they knew about the other options which commonly is well hidden from the end user. You ever try and remove a software package from Microsoft from your system, not finding it in the Add/Remove Programs, not finding it anywhere. To remove it having to enter into the depths of the registry, that in itself lead to far more confusion. The point is, that Microsoft has long been in a position where it did not matter, In fact even the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation was a result of court order to use the money that was being made in part for Philanthropy, for helping the community that was otherwise severed before.

I crossed it off because there needs to be change, to much is already written about Microsoft, to many desktops still run it as the default operating system with all it’s associated security issues, and lack of regular updates. Many are trapped in the Microsoft world the Proprietary verse, to cross them off was a clear statement to the need for the change that was preached.

Why one of the foremost tech schools would step away from an open source idea to a closed source annoyance I have no idea, except for the fact it would depend on who is lining the pockets of those who are making the decisions for the school.

A matter of funding perhaps is the only logical conclusion that can be reached from this simple article, what do you interpret?

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TweetGrid – Seesmic First Look – Ubuntu Open Sourced « Ubuntu101's Blog

the servers that bring the information to the table run off of Apache, the good coder follows suit to escape a proprietary bond, and instead support the community based effort that is Open Source. It is good to know that some of the better known Web Based Twitter clients have a tendency to try and stay away from Proprietary Annoyances, that windows stays consistent with, whether you like it or not

The wonders of the interconnected world, that these servers all about this web running of Apache, Linux Servers, because they are more secure and more flexible then windows could ever be. This articles also looks at some of the current web or air based clients to access the network that is twitter, also running on a Linux Backend.

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Internet Censorship - Should It Happen?

The idea of censoring the astounding community driven world on the web. The one place where people can speak their mind not be challenged or questioned, except by others in an independent press. To try and censor the one place people can be who they choose, act how they decide and speak there mind without fear of retribution because it is a medium that is society based, of countless independent authors sharing there thoughts and knowledge with the world.

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Christmas Card ~ Aborted via Vimeo

[Aborted] Christmas Card from FLIMEMA on Vimeo.

At the start of December, I spent a couple of afternoons making this. Although I never finalized that final segment, I soon thought of something better to inflict on you at Christmas (which is posted here: vimeo.com/8370390).

All sourced from freesound.org

A great video, some fun with it, and will come about with a surprise, since really soon as this next day passes Christmas will be over seems that this was a good one for the close of the holiday that is Christmas.

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Best Travel Stories ~ Quotes And Inspiration

In the Shadow of Fabled Timbuktu lies the medievel tow of Djenne, and every child's fantasy: heres the most colossal mud pie in the world rises from the desert. The Djenne Mosque is 12,000 square feet and built entirely of sand and sticks. Its tan minarets reach for the clouds like arems oustretched in prayer. Six steps, symbolizing the transition from profane to sacred, lead into the mosque. Centuries of monsoons have somehow spared this house of Allah. As I am admiring the holy sandcastle a teenager with a crutch approaches. In flawless English he announces, "My name is Toka. I would like to show you around, May I?" I haven't heard a word of English in two weeks. "Follow Me," he offers, his bright smile illuminating his dark face like a crescent moon. (Chapter 1)

via The Best Travel Writing 2005: True Stories from Around the World

Throughout this book, there is amazing description, astounding ideas and deeper thoughts, I just started reading this particular book and once I started I could not and have not stopped, because there is such amazing thought put into every sentence. Every idea relates to another one, that don't speak to all the happy and joyous things but instead real things.

Travel Writing, Yes, deep thought absolutely, well worth a read definitely. Hae you read it? If you have'nt you should.

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