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Brand new and further improved iDiscuss Forums @ http://hok-international.net/smf/index.php?board=28.0 And the story continues onward with additions of new entries @ www.political-sylum08.blogspot.com & www.bike-journeys.blogspot.com

And that is only the beginning the objective is to do a complete redesign of the site and explore the possiblities beyond that moment, any suggestions?


Governor Of California formerly Known As Terminator Signs Bill without Budget.

SACRAMENTO -- Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has decided to make an exception to his pledge that he would veto or avoid signing bills before lawmakers reach agreement on a state budget.
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Although this is a blog for bicycling I figured I would share something I was just made aware of today, that even without a budget the Governor of California signed a bill. Maybe not that exciting but it is what the bill is in reference to that relates to Bicycling or at the very least Alternative Transportation. This bill is the first step in putting the first leg down of a 700 mile transit system that would link Californias major cities at speeds in excess of 199 mph. A high speed rail system designed to decrease the cars on the road. That in itself can be a very important part of the entire process don't you think? As those who bicycle regularly can say, that less cars means a better experience when cycle commuting. In commuting by Human Powered Vehicle, to get from point A to point Z.

Though on the other hand, if more are using a high speed train system would that mean less would ride a bike or more in line with what usually occurs according to the many bicycle commuters who play an active role in BikeForums who often speak of using a combination of Public Transit and there own Human Powered System can get anywhere they need to go without the cost of driving a car. In that sense an improvement on the Public Transit system can be a great addition to the repertoire of using Alternative Transport to travel point to point while saving the environment.

What are some of your thoughts, how do you feel about that and your own views on improvements of Public Transit to increase usage of Alternative Transportation?

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I look forward to hearing your comments and views on this matter.


Lets Be Friends - You And I

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It is the first step in a new journey following a new direction, to progress beyond now, a choice we can each make will you make the change. Will you have that conversation with the person in the mirror to reach the consensus of change? Join me in Focusing Forward to a better life.


SOHH Site Hacked

SWhat kind of stupidity gives a person a reason to return to the prejudices once thought lost and gone, prejudice today it seems even if thought to have been emancipated still exists. It is a sad Story to say the least, there is much growth we as a society must do to insure awareness of the diversity of our civilization. To explore prejudice as it stands today.

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To Realize - Original Blog Revisitted

to realize that, so much time has passed in a very short while. And yet I have not updated this page since early in this month, so I am really not that behind. There have been a lot of changes, most for the better a few not so much so.

There have been some new articles added to Helium.
Additional writings can be found at the writeit site.

Some Additional Videos can be found on the Youtube channel.

Some Recent Entries on the Cycling Site and amazingly so much more. To much to go into now. A good start is at the Write It Page

Otherwise I hope all is well on your side of the verse and there is more to come in the up and coming week.


The Experiences Now

So many hours have passed and many a day has passed since I entered anything here. How is everyone? Hope all is well, it has been so long because of the time of mourn, for that lost kitten. Things have improved immensely since then, remarkably so. The writings on Helium are coming together the domain is looking better as each day passes. The hours I am spending though sometimes amaze me. You ever start working on a project wanting to get it done? Most Certainly I have and that is what I am doing now the situation is more or less, to keep it under control. Spending less time with processes and getting things done. Besides the blogs, the site, I have also added additional videos to my youtube account and found meta cafe. Along with the many resources available on the wonders of the world wide web.

To say I have my hands full is an understatement, besides life's challenges I continue to grow. I Focus Forward in my life because it makes sense to get it done.
Also added some additional Photos of my vehicle. To Ride is to Exist, So I Ride On!

Even started delving into x64 Software, remarkable how much more is out there now when I decide to focus on my objective to learn something new each day. Don't you agree?

So that is the story for now thanks for your patience, and more to come in the weeks and months ahead. Any comments drop em. I will do my best to respond.

Any Comments - Drop me A Line


Under Revision

More time has passed seeming so long that I took the time to share a thought here. With life there has been many challenges, financially and otherwise. Just as anything it is ongoing.

12:23 3/4/2008

I awoke this morning, after a nice nights rest and things seeemed to become all that much clearer. Creative Clarification, the reality of now and the future to be. To realise to speak clear and concise, to practice listening and not talking. I seemed to hear more and understand more. So it became an experience of a sort to improve upon thoughts. To truly see how exciting the future is to be. Focus Forward Revisited and revised. It shall be seen where it goes.

Things have come about in so much time. To only realize now that the thoughts are more clear then they have been before. Perhaps the time has arrived to truly take this variation of a verse to the next level. So much information, great writing and constant growth the actions of the day. I should ride, I should travel, I should go and see something else as today is the perfect day and now is the perfect moment.



lately this has become pretty basic, been not sure what to write after fluffy gs death and the fact I am working on so many other things at this time, keeping things alive becomes a constant. I grow in time, and learn moment by moment because that is just how it needs to be. I often think about such facts, I wonder what I could do and what I should do and take the steps one by one.


Tuesday 11-06 0336 11/07

Each day brings something new, today was no exception. Electrical failure of a breaker disabled part of the house for quite a long time. Finally after jerry rigging things to work the maintenance finally showed up and though ti could of been done with two there was three of them. How many maintenance people does it really take to change a breaker? Three individuals, though it did seem it would of been easier with just two but three really now I figured that was just a bit of an overkill so wtf? Hell I could of done it myself in less time and less wasted effort then was displayed with these three. What should of only taken maybe 10 minutes ended up being a pointless skit of 30 minutes just screwing around with the thing. Who knows and why does it matter, it doest so it works great back to the party yeaha.

Another annoyance of this fine day, I finally got my check and deposited it only to find out, not by choice, that apparently it was overdrawn by **.** dollars, a negative balance because of bullshit fee. Free checking, huh what a load of crap. When I thought about it what I should have done is cashed it and put a partial paying on the fees but instead for some unknown reason I deposited it and in so doing the bullshit was automatically subtracted from the deposit leaving with me with not enough to cover the advance of ***.** that when paid back equated to ***.** for the privilege of an advance what the hell and to make it all that much more enjoyable I also owe to paypal ***.** for the money I sent my girl to the tune of ****.** Php for a trip to Baguio. I am glad she enjoyed it, and bought me a few things also. I appreciated it but it messed me up pretty good as far as the budget goes and the time it took to clear. Conveniently, just in time for my account to be overdrawn so there goes another **.** of money I worked for the bank gets because they decided to time it to insure it would not clear, fucking bastards. When I think about it could of just talked with a good friend of mine and she could of removed the fees and got me back my money that I earned. All well, net time or just cash it make it simple. Still may be a possibility to solve that just need to figure a reason and make sure she takes care of me and no one else. Its a good idead just need to figure a reason.

The next question is how am I going to cover the other outstanding transactions paypal ***.** ,***.**,& **.** from ****. Need to solve that as well as the ***.** for the advance america in all over ***.** that needs to come from somewhere. The objective to save up to ****.** for my trip there by February 2009 or early March 2009, Considering I do not have work right now although it is likely that I can go back to the restaurant, the question still is Do I want to return to that workplace? What could supplement that income? The primary focus for now is how to take care of paypal and advance america paid within the next month or preferably sooner.

There are more then a few solutions, just need to figure which and how. The goal remains the same to establish three incomes between now and next year, and how that relates the need for income to pay bills. At which point I will be just a tad bit more relaxed once they are taken care of.

Once they are out of the way I can then focus on the necessary budget and be able to stick to it. I find it odd that according to my register there should be a positive balance not considering the check for advance america in the said amount and not considering the ***.** that supposedly will be retried in three days and any other outstanding transfers.

The solution pretty clear, make sure you have a safety net of sorts, a contingency plan on unexpected circumstances, by keeping three times what you spend still within the account and discipline yourself not to spend it, it will take work but it can work well enough.

Long perhaps but interesting. Enjoy the read.


Domain Fund Donation Station

Domain Donation Station

Been sometime since I have entered much here, been busy with life and living and the last couple of months have been uneventful, so much death, and loss almost reached a point of wondering what now. I also realised how many have found this blog and the many others I work on regular basis, continually come back to read what I offer to the world at large and it is appreciated. As far as it goes I even stepped up to a domain and have found an interest there also. I appreciate each of these you visit on a regular basis but have come to a point whereby to keep things alive it is necessary to put together some donations to keep them alive. So ask you in this time in life to help keep what you have found alive.