A New Start And Beginning


Since posterous went out of service long ago, will have to look for the image elsewhere and see if it can represent the same idea, for now this is a holder image.

End Update
It seems long ago since I posted the last photo of a workspace, using the Otterbox Case for the Original Galaxy Tab, and taking an image of it with another phone at the time I believe it was the SGH-U360 which was then transferred via Bluetooth. It ended up coming out a good shot, surprisingly so considering the type of camera that phone has available on it. Nonetheless that image was presented so that others could see a workspace can be very minimal while what you see now still follows that theme but includes a laptop connected via vga cable to an old 17 Inch CRT which serves as a secondary monitor.
The second image is the upgrade from the original Galaxy Tab 7 Inch - Sprint p100 to the new and upgraded wifi only GT-P3113 running Ice Cream Sandwich which enables me to do more with what I have long needed to do with a system that is capable of multitasking with an intuitive interface making it very straightforward.
There is still time to setup an ideal workspace and I am getting there just a matter of getting the right equipment and making sure there is Feng Shui or something like that. What are your thoughts?