Curve Balls of Life

Tonight was a night never in sight as curves were thrown and the bat was swung, to many location they did fly each going its own way.

How I react is up to me from what I see and thank thee for the challenge I face in an ever moving race from place to place along this journey, my journey to success ever the curve thrown my way the crack of the bat all the way I must go to say I knew I could and now its done and help others to do the same in their journey to fame of a humble sort, of an earned freedom to say you to can go all the way.

Just take the steps & do the work, go above and beyond where you have ever been to get those curves beyond the gate and take the challenge to turn about to be the victor without a doubt and fight the fight or go without. Be the winner to never again be out.

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Diane said...

Your right life does send us curve balls but we learn by keeping our chin up and hope for the best in everything we do in life. I have seen many chanllege in my life and I know a special person that has been there for me. and now because of fear that we have drifted apart. it is the friendship and the love that will always be there. your life is what you make of it. and that wishing this person all the best and to know I will always be there. No matter what.