Developing sites for users with Cognitive disabilities and learning difficulties.

  • Cognitive impairment, which includes memory, perception, problem-solving, conceptualisation and attention deficits. This may result from a range of conditions such as mental retardation, autism, brain injury, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease and old age.
  • Learning difficulties can also affect a variety of memory, perception, problem-solving and conceptualisation skills. Learning difficulties include reading problems such as dyslexia, computational, reasoning and organisational deficits and non-verbal learning disorders. These are sometimes also associated with Attention Deficit Disorder and Hyperactivity.
  • Reaching a larger audience is important when developing a site, when I stumbled across this particular one I was delightfully surprised and welcomed the idea that there are those who are taking the time to consider all people not just some people. Those with disabilities certainly have special needs, and what the article mentioned above goes into presents many solid solutions to some of the best techniques in order to do that, to reach a wider audience in the community based ideal such as the Internet is.

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