The Strangest Hours - Jazz and Chill

It's the weekend, and what do you do with it, a whole week already passed, another one is yet to begin, here I am still awake at those strange hours, of t1phe late night, with jazz playing on the radio streaming observing as the hours pass, from 12 to 2 onward 3 4 and 5 and I wonder, what people do on such nights? When living the life of what otherwise would be considered a confirmed bachelor's existence. For lack of a better term or better more endearing term. Or simply because at these hours there are few or now words to use. At such hours I used to spend more time just chatting or really just waiting for those who I knew would be on late at night to come online.

It was not much of a existence you could say, since then I figured out it is important to live life beyond just that, there is a whole world outside of the screen. yet for so long in the simplest terms it was what I figured I could do, when the rest of my life is lived about the same as to many others. It is interesting idea you could say - that some would live life inside a computer, other's not so much. Just words being typed - there not much else to the story I guess - just thoughts running rampant and mind games not being played. Just random thoughts written down - no particular order or design. At least that is how this story is being told for the moment. The last of the late night jazz playing into the night, perhaps it also is a clue that sleep may be in order, thoughts?

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