The Changes Today - Why Silence not Sound?

For as long as I can remember when I first started exploring social media I spent countless hours, reading streams exploring the possibilities through mediums such as Twitter, MySpace, Friendster and others that came about as Social Media became more mainstream. Throughout that transition I played a very active role over multiple mediums and recently I was doing the same until I realized there needs to be more to life then just the online verse, and the people who reside there. As time progressed though I found myself using more and more of my time to be on twitter or another social medium and things were not getting done, so as a result I took a breather - relaxed my body and mind, taking a break, an extended one at that of not residing, or being active on any of the multiple mediums. Partially because I was interested to see how much difference it actually made, that is being active or not being active regularly resulted in.

Some of the first things I found out - is that while people come and go with Twitter, it seemed some of those who I knew well and had built up a solid rapport with, continued to stay connected while many of those who just connect for one more follower, seemed to fade out until they disappeared and / or were removed.

As only an indication of what could be on occasion, as this was only a start not a finish. A beginning but not an end is another way to put it. The experiment begin and it is still ongoing, though I may slowly return to the social media verse bit by bit, sometimes you just need to start anew.

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