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A Letter To My Father - Wondering Why?
03:11 hours; 
Raymond Marr:

"Certainly our biological make up was the same but those who raised us were not. We each became a very separate person as we had all been through different experiences, some for the better others for the worst. We were a direct result of the home we
had been forced to live in by social services, the most impressionable years lost and each with there own specific training and ideas of what they should be. What priorities should be in place, for the necessary progress from a life that had been damaged, from a family separated not by choice except your own, to not make the changes that were necessary to keep us in the home we once knew seemingly such a long time ago. A life perhaps long forgotten, whether by choice to block what is painful or simply because it truly was that long ago. Regardless of what it may have been, what I know now has made me become who I am today, by practising the free will we each have. To find my own path instead of follow where others have gone. Though that void still resides in a life lost it is better to move on then to try and fill such a thing that often reaches the deepest recesses of the heart."


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