Riding bike to Monterey - A Goal Evolving.

Damn the rain, sometimes, it can be annoying when you set an objective to ride a bike to Monterey every single Tuesday, except for the fact that, when the goal was set it was not ever considered there might be rain, and yet here we are how many Tuesday's have passed andn I have not rode simply because rain is falling. Not like the picture of the bike beside this text, weather like that will probably not be seen until Summer, or even perhaps Spring.

The question seems to be if you make a choice to ride a bike every Tuesday should you ride Rain or Shine or choose a wiser path, where when you ride, you know that from the start to the finish you will be riding with the sun at your back.

Honestly though for true riding in the rain there are tools that are needed, things like Fenders, like money just in case something goes wrong, things that are important on the off chance that things do not work out as planned. The point being, that it is important to consider the weather and how it will relate to your health. Certainly with the lightweight pants and a light shirt with a jacket that will dry quickly, it could be done, but to do that with what I have now, is an exercise in futility. It does not mean the goal is not being met, it is that the goal is constantly evolving just as we do from one day to the next.

Considering that as fact is a first step in understanding that goals though often specific can change, as time progresses there is the consistent inconsistency that will result in that particular goal, coming to fruition. Through that a journey will emerge and challenges will be overcome, it is not that I am not fulfilling the goal I am evolving with the goal, and that makes all the difference.

What do you think? Do goals evolve with you? Should they instead be steadfast and kept to without condition? Or if you do that will you be setting yourself up for failure? Share in the comments.

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