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In the Shadow of Fabled Timbuktu lies the medievel tow of Djenne, and every child's fantasy: heres the most colossal mud pie in the world rises from the desert. The Djenne Mosque is 12,000 square feet and built entirely of sand and sticks. Its tan minarets reach for the clouds like arems oustretched in prayer. Six steps, symbolizing the transition from profane to sacred, lead into the mosque. Centuries of monsoons have somehow spared this house of Allah. As I am admiring the holy sandcastle a teenager with a crutch approaches. In flawless English he announces, "My name is Toka. I would like to show you around, May I?" I haven't heard a word of English in two weeks. "Follow Me," he offers, his bright smile illuminating his dark face like a crescent moon. (Chapter 1)

via The Best Travel Writing 2005: True Stories from Around the World

Throughout this book, there is amazing description, astounding ideas and deeper thoughts, I just started reading this particular book and once I started I could not and have not stopped, because there is such amazing thought put into every sentence. Every idea relates to another one, that don't speak to all the happy and joyous things but instead real things.

Travel Writing, Yes, deep thought absolutely, well worth a read definitely. Hae you read it? If you have'nt you should.

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