Book Review - 'The Faith Instinct - How Religion Evolved and Why It Endures,' by Nicholas Wade - Review - NYTimes.com

Nicholas Wade’s book “The Faith Instinct” is at its best when putting us through such exercises and sidelining the by-now tiresome debates about religion as a force for good or evil. According to Wade, a New York Times science writer, religions are machines for manufacturing social solidarity. They bind us into groups. Long ago, codes requiring altruistic behavior, and the gods who enforced them, helped human society expand from families to bands of people who were not necessarily related. We didn’t become religious creatures because we became social; we became social creatures because we became religious. Or, to put it in Darwinian terms, being willing to live and die for their coreligionists gave our ancestors an advantage in the struggle for resources.

A very interesting point of view, on the long pondered God Gene, From one writer who is speaking what is on his mind, however it may challenge yours. What do you think?

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