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Sensory Overload - Part Of Life?

To understand that in the world we are living in today, change, and sensory overload are becoming far to common an occurrence, with this wonderful thing called technology, but it also has a tendency to make us forget the world outside of this little place we know, in our own little safe area. Away from anything but what the media chooses to speak too. Residing in Metal Boxes with wheels and a motor, thinking we are impervious to the reality, just as long as we stay in our safe place. To not rock the boat, even if in your heart you know something is wrong, that it should not be this way.

The bombardment of media, telling you what is new and what you should buy, the world being able to connect with you wherever you may be. Is it such a beneficial thing? Do you ever wonder, how it is affecting you? Or do you just take it as a fact of life?

Forgetting the world we live in today is a direct result of relatives from times past, using sweat equity, to get things where they need to be, to give you what you know today as yours. What we know today as this society, the one which we live in. Even if it is not anything like the world it was supposed to be, a place of opportunity, of stepping away from the same old ideas, of the American Dream as told by the media. Instead we need to make a choice to take some steps in the direction of real and absolute change, don't you think?

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Old Ideas In A New Society with the artificial dyes, on the paper that used to be a tree, considering where it goes, from the post office to the home, only to eventually end up back in the environment, a sort of recycling. Though that is not the point at all, it is the idea that with the world today, while more and more people are becoming part of the Internets, accustomed to email, status updates all done online. No trees affected, no dyes used to be put back in the ground as they decompose because these same cards have been through the cycle, where they always end up in the same situation. Eventually discarded, certainly appreciated in the first place, the wonder of getting a card from someone you may not of heard from in so long. In a paperless society, of an environmentally aware civilization, where we would hope to be today, would it not be better to save those trees in the first place? To keep those dyes out of commonwealth, so that something as artificial as they are does not have a chance to affect this already sensitive eco system.
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Sensory Overload

In Society Today there are far to many things that often happen at once, that makes it more difficult to remember how things were before, there was one point Not So Long Ago where more would ride a bike or walk then drive a car, but I wonder what happened to them and why did it happen in that way? So since this seems an appropriate Writing and Blogs topic I will have to look at it once I finish the most recent entry for #Bicycling and Health which is coming along nicely. More was written on Sensory Overload via http://yourhealth2k9.wordpress.com and more should be written on besides in the coming week.

Writing and Blogs

To take the time right now to get this done to write on topics that intrigue me or get me or you thinking about the possibilities of life on Alternative Transportation like walking, bicycling, public transit, decreasing your carbon footprint by using your car less and using your Human Power! more.

Bicycling and Health

The month of July is supposed to be a month of BicyclingToday and about BicyclistsToday to speak on and to write about the wonders of bicycling and why everyone should be out there riding, how there are other possibilities then driving #An Automobile with less pollution and added -=Health Benefits=- to mix to ExtendLife by simply making TheChoice to do something different to take steps in a new direction for new experiences yet to be had. Also makes sense to look at blogs that are doing well that are on the grow one such example is http://bikesnobdc..com I will have to read up on more of his writing as he may also be worthy of a follow. Bicyclists United, can truly make a difference. Thursday, July 16, 2:06 PM "Forgot to take my vitamin today. The road to health, like the road to work, is full of potholes." via http://twitter.com/Tracy_Hancock/status/2676079612 20.07.2009 03:07 To complete Bicycling and Health Month what I can do is finish Write Out - My First Bicycle Tour 2003 via Tasque. That would be a fitting end to this interesting month, but the question is there is only about 10 days left in it, so I need to organize my thoughts and figure out best approach. Though actually, as I consider it, I could continue Bicycling and Health through the weekends in August 2009.

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