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Is a new medium that has a bit more interesting options then Blogger which is why I decided to go with it for the moment... Also the ease of redirection as I guess you can also do with Blogspot via Blogger seems to make good sense to me, So I took the proper steps in this new direction and begin setting up blogs at Word Press and yet I wonder if it is similarly how it went with Blogspot, mutliple blogs on multiple subjects, that are worked on every now and again. So Really I need to look at that aspect of the circumstance. Currently Writing; And others soon to be added. Referencing OpenSource to Third World Countries and other notes as mentioned.


profile @ http://draft.blogger.com/profile/07796560630834377585 as a viable option the original place hosted through Google that many of my Earlier Blogs reside such as; Sunday, July 12, 6:15 PM And as I look at it, constantly amazing to me that there has been so much content created even with simply an article a two a day, but to keep the pace high enough may be more difficult sometimes as there needs to be momentum and Reader Connection or the writing is for naught except for the occasional browser who finds something interesting.

OpenSource to Third World Countries

As a place to work on the details and set up a best approach scenario to bring that cause into the Ubuntu101 Blog located at http://ubuntu101.wordpress.com in line with Sunday 07 which speaks to some of the objectives in this New Week Ahead where entries should be added to Word Press and Blogger to balance out the information that is flowing so well. Also to either modify the Fb! Cause Description via FaceBook and then to merge some of the messages and the posts related to it into the Word Press Blog It as mentioned. at http://raymondmarr.com/ as well as through Blogger Feeds and any information that otherwise may be limited.

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