Talking to strangers as a part of everyday life - by Ray Marr - Helium

To talk with strangers in the world today is not really any different then it has always been. We are a social species, we talk because it is the one thing to step outside the comfort zone, and the only way, that need can be fulfilled. Without talking to strangers or otherwise the perspective of life would change. The thing is we have this need because survival of a next generation would not come about if that first hello did not take place. A relationship must start with two individuals having a conversation and growing from there to a beginning from talking with a stranger. In the beginning the foundation for a relationship is set and once that base is down it grows from there. In time this same relationship on a solid foundation can become one which they become a couple from, and in that a next generation may be conceived. In that conception the cycle begins once again and these children must also then make friends from strangers.

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