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A means to an end, to understand better the existence you know, to take the time to recognize there are deeper lessons in dreams.

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"Adopt the Pace of Nature, her secret is patience." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Two Assasins - One Life 01.02.10

To speak on Dreams, to analyze dream sessions, and through that understand the self better .... The Power of The Subconscious, and The Lessons it offers ... Two attempts at my life, by two assassins dually hired by the same people in power who are only there because of the abundance of misinformation to long touted that people began to believe. In that false belief a means to push forward agendas that more then likely will solidify their existence to be quite good as well as a means to make sure their own families are better off. Myself in a large building single story, with some basic armament available, a shotgun and a 9mm handgun. Plenty of ammo for both weapons, the ability to load up 12 shots in the 12 gauge with some modification. I am a teacher in this dream, but not of the traditional sort, as I saw the flaws in what I was told to teach, and instead of spreading misinformation I made a choice to share real knowledge with my students, and associates. Also why I became a Target, simply because I was telling the truth not the lies. Through that truth many of those at the higher rungs were at risk of losing what they thought they had from the campaign of misinformation. I was not willing to just go along instead I challenged every bit of it, and helped my students think for themselves. The first assassin, a sniper, only knowing that if he aimed just right he would hit the target no matter how far below it was, since the building he was in was about 3 stories he was at the top aiming for me, thinking it was a sure thing he would hit me and the job would be done, but it was not to be. He aimed the gun cocked back the hammer and fired two shots in rapid succession with slightly different trajectory flying down towards me it would be two bullets one on either side. Somehow I noticed them and either consciously or subconsciously, somehow dodged both bullets. As a sniper expects things to happen at one shot at a time this one I shot twice, both of which missed the target, who somehow dodged them. He figured it was a failure and left, when perhaps more shots would of done the trick, but this was a man trained to be a sniper and to long told it should only take one shot, and he had shot twice. Once it was all said and done I moved on, knowing that he would have to report to his superiors it was a failure and would go about his business, or continue his life, as I walked around these thoughts were in my head. The day ended and darkness crept over, I was able to sleep one more night, knowing that in all likelihood there would be a second attempt, but more likely during the day then the night. With that closure of thought I finally laid down and fell asleep, until the sun came up. It was the next day, as expected when the regular workday was done I spotted one more person remaining after closing, and I figured that must be the next of the hired help, again trying to silence the truth so that the misinformation can flow freely and more would believe it, not knowing that it was all lies. And in that ignorance, that selective awareness those in power would stay in power. This assailant was differently trained, taught to be sure by verifying personally that the kill is complete, to work with Close Quarter Weaponry to be damn sure he did not fail his mission. This was a man (beast) who never failed because he personally made sure by taking out the target in short range showdown. He did not make the same mistake the first one had, in fact he came right down to ground level and sought me out. Aware that there was another one after my life, to insure the misinformation continues, I took some different steps also, as the first one was a long range killer, thought he could take out anyone at any distance, this one was a person who made it a point to be sure that the directive is complete, that the target was no longer breathing, so there was no chance of survival once in a close range combat situation. In that awareness I prepared myself, going and getting the shotgun, loading it up with 12 shells, and firing it off to make sure it was working properly. To do that once I loaded up the shotgun I fired it at a building nearby which apparently had something like 10 stories and I blew out a window at about the eighth story with the shotgun. These buildings were abandoned because I figured it was better to be in a run down side of the town, to wage war, on those who want false knowledge to flourish. Though it seemed there was a house that was occupied nearby where some lady was calling the cops or something trying to say she just heard shots and a window breaking. I paid no attention to her as my focus was on the assailant not on the surrounding. As I continued to move stealthily about I got a glimpse of him doing the same, I could tell he was well trained, possibly a guerrilla from some long lost war, as he seemed to be quite content in his surrounding using it to the best of his advantage, we were closely matched in that though I knew the lay of the land a bit better then he did, though he did seem to be a quick study. Eventually we ran out of space to move about, in an open area right about the middle of a long overgrown courtyard, I saw my assailant face to face, we battled for a bit, during which time I must of dropped my shotgun, but had found a sword, or something like a sword instead. He still had his pistol, but he was not in control so much as he should of been, as soon as I had a solid grip on the sword I sliced open is face, from forehead down to his neck. Anyone else would of been dead at that point, yet for some reason this particular assassin seemed to don his human skin only as an outside, as a shield to his actual self. As once the skin was cut open I saw a head, but not a human head, nor an alien head, but that of an eagle, an eagle warrior from the days of the Mayans, he looked at me with those piercing eyes, I heard the hammer go back and seems a bullet went somewhere, I did not pay attention instead I begin to chop away at this things neck with this strangely designed sword I had in my hand. With each cut deeper and deeper the blade went, I continued on and could tell this thing was dying more and more with every blow, all the while as I was cutting this things neck I was screaming in some kind of ancient tongue with every blow louder, and louder, until eventually the blade went completely through his otherwise armored neck and his head flew off, leaving in it's wake only a bloody stump still shooting blood, trying to feed a brain that is no longer there. Taking a deep breath, to make sure I was not fatally shot, I walked away, to live another day another opportunity, to tell the truth to a world that was slowly beginning to believe false ideas, from false prophets. Giving away their rights, in the name of National Security, letting the fear that is so often spoke about on every major news outlet. It is all lies, and I made a choice long ago to continue to speak the truth, regardless of what others may say, or if by saying the truth those in the top rungs of this society, shakes up their otherwise perfect world, I continue on, continue educating those who want to know the real story. Who need to know the truth, to be aware that they have a choice, not to be forced into submission by talk of fear, of death of destruction. Only spoke of so consecutively, because it sells, people buy the stories of doom and gloom, that 12.12.12 is the end of the world simply because it is divisible by 6 in all aspects. Yet another aspect of misinformation, to keep people from thinking for themselves. From doing something for the environment now, to make it better for the generations to come and for those who want to see 2076, who know if people will take the time to help the environment, help themselves and redirect thinking they can make a difference, we can make a difference in this world, to make it a place that will last for another million plus years. The world has lasted many millions of years, it did not just start 2010 years ago, in fact it is much older then all of that and yet people still speak to this world only being a couple thousand years old. This is yet another bit of misinformation as science speaks to it clearly, carbon dating speaks of millions of years, trees been around for longer then that, people open your eyes, do not let those in power send assassins after you simply because you want to believe something different, survive fight if you must, to insure there is true knowledge and increased awareness of why we need to do what we can now, so that the earth lasts another million years or longer, we must no longer be a self destructive species don't you agree?

Redirect Thinking

Change the mind from Simple Consumer Mono Chromatic Impulse Buyer and Media Puppets with Short Term Aspirations to a Business Person with Long Term aspirations who will Make The Change Embrace Change Understand the Situation after letting Person In The Mirror know what needs to be done and will be done to make TheChange to improve his/her own Life and Escape the Media Puppets dom to be there own person. Understanding the power of Delay Gratification can also help you realize that it can be done, and that the reward is forthcoming as long as you stay consistent in your efforts whatever they may be day by day.

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