Prolonged Sitting Boosts Bad Health

A new editorial published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine suggests that people who sit still for prolonged periods of time -- such as desk workers or couch potatoes -- have a higher risk of disease than those who move a muscle every now and then in a non-exercise manner, such as walking up the stairs to grab a cup of coffee.  

Some interesting bits and pieces of information, of the world being connected, sometimes it is easier to sit for hours, but as mentioned in this article that may not be the best thing, the lesson in it's most simple terms is to take breaks, to take breathers and move more then just do a workout at your desk, though that is also important.

The idea becomes clearer when you consider simple things that are done consistently can make a difference as also suggested on the Minimalist Workout on Zen To Fitness on Twitter it is quite possible to do quite a few things in a minimal amount of time but need to do more then just exercises at the desk.

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