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Reviewing January 14th 2010

Directives For Today; 14.01.2010 01:45
  • Catch up on all I can that I fell behind on when my hard drive crashed.
  • Confirm the Appointment with Derek at Coldwell Banker on and about www.Twitter.com and building influence on Social Media for Friday
  • Streamline the way Lucid Lynx is designed for the experience to have.
  • Get out and get a ride in, regardless of the weather, at the very least get some exercise each day.
  • Catch up on Rating and Writing for www.Helium.com, decide on some www.ehow.com articles and continue from there.
  • Also remember Triond, choose some articles and put them on there as well. To Diversify is the key to the door that opens up more opportunities and couldn't hurt after all, to see how www.Triond.com is Designed.
  • Organize Recyclables, through that set a day aside when I will go and drop them off.

Reflect On The Day; 15.01.2010 01:58

Well ended up getting most of my todo items done though there is still more to be done, but since it is officially friday I need to plan for the day and the weekend after finishing out the week productively. That needs to be my objective for every week yet to come, the trip to Bali did not happen on schedule but it still can happen later, the situation would be different but at the very least I will be able to experience it first hand. Not to mention it would also be a good place to be able to travel more of South East Asia. As far as the ride goes, that is certainly something I need to work on, to get out there and ride to get the exercise and enhance health even if it is only a short ride at least a ride a day will make a difference in my health. For that Matter rides even over the weekend could be worthwhile, to travel short distances or do some Mountain Biking, because at the very minimum it is important to get things done one way or the other.

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