[Writings on Love and It's Lessons] "Love Lost to Tradition ~ Lesson Learned"

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[Writings on Love and It's Lessons]  "Love Lost to Tradition ~ Lesson Learned"
Mon, 27 Jul 2009 13:59:00 +0000
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by Ranty Yustina Dewi @ rantyyustinadewi.wordpress.com
As Indonesian moslem girl, I'm truly sorry to hear about this. I always thought that every woman is an independent human being, that surely will make her able to make a stand, if not for what she believes in, at least for her self. Maybe she (the Indonesian girl you loved-or love?) must learn more about Islam. As loud as her father use Islam as his reason to make the arrangements, she must at least KNOW FOR SURE what her dad is talking about. As far as I know, every moslem must put high respect to their parents, including things that parents wants best for their children (at least that's what the parents thought). As sure as every religions have this universal rule, I believe that in some circumstances, children has to make their own mind. They grows, has interactions and they just has to make their own mind. Before children turns to 18 y.o, parents will take every responsibility for what happen to them. That's why all the religion education should be introduced in these ages, before they turn 18. When they turn 18, and more, every children has become the warrior of themselves (both Al-Qur'an and Paulo Coelho's Novel has these exact words-check them out if you like), meaning every decision the children will make will automatically put on their own shoulders to face by their own. Every single desicions. Every single consequences. If a father-by any means and reasons-raped his own daughter, should a daughter follow his says? If a father taught his daughter to steal, should I be his captive forever by saying yes to every command he tell me to? If a father told his daughter to marry someone she doesn't even know, should she do that? ---all I can say is: it happens. not little actually found their soulmates by a marriage arrangements. Seriously. But like you said before, just because it is, doesn't mean it has to. (Australia-the movie). Learn more, if you want to. read, ask, meet people you trust, level you knowledges about Islam with me. We will have a better conversation about Islam. ---but this? the arrangements marriage, is not Islam. Because, a passive model of woman only exist in the past, in Hollywood romantic movies, where she can only happy for some reasons, otherwise she'd rather die; where she can always hope and hope but do nothing to fight her own life, to gain her own true destiny; where she always said that she has no choices but to face what God given her with a big heart. ...somewhere, God is sighing, "me? y don't u use ur mind to fight ur own life?"... he he Seriously, these passive kind of woman, only exist in Fairy Tale. In Real Life, it's a matter of choices. You simply have to make your own stand, and choose. In the meantime, please understand, Islam is not how she projected to you at that time. You got the wrong impression from her. Good luck. Reference: Loves Lessons for 2009 & Beyond
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