A Quote for 2010 - New Years Resolutions

The first step towards success is taken when you refuse to be captive of the environment in which you first find yourself. ~Mark Caine

Objectives for 2010

Thursday, December 31, 11:41 AM Goals for 2010 - New Years Resolutions
  • Spend Less time On Social Sites (Time Management 101), and increase efficiency for minimal time, to get the point out over all social networks, then to redirect focus on the project at hand.
  • Get Some System Upgrades 2010 to improve workspace to increase the flow of good energy.
  • Publish at least 10 new electronic books and put together additional traditional books, to bring my writing to the world. Add additional entries to blogs and sites.
  • Take the Dual Coast Tour over Spring and Summer 2010, to enjoy it and to have something more to write on.
  • Get all domains paid in advance for at minimum three years each, so I can focus my attention on the writing, and content creation. as well as improving functionality of the sites and prepping them for the Phenomenal Traffic in 2010
  • Set Multiple Mobile Income Streams in place that is providing at least $3500 or more per month so that I can enjoy the tour fully and be able to experience it mobile.
  • Get more of My Debts paid down, so I no longer have to concern myself about old annoyances, it's no easy process but the sooner it gets done the better off I will be.
  • Get some Bike Upgrades done before Spring 2010, in order to have a chance to take a tour on both coasts over Spring and Summer 2010.
  • In Taking the time to improve the situation I have a better chance of making this year the best ever experienced 2010 can be the paradigm shifter. The chance to really step it up and become better through it.
  • Need to change my living situation, whereby I have my own place to come back to, or on the way back from the tour to rent a place for the time being until the next tour. To have my own house would be even better, to figure that out though need to choose a location and pay it down as far as it needs to be paid down. In establishing my own place, I need to be sure my mobile income is enough to cover the expenses of that place and to also take a bicycle tour or two or three.
  • Also for 2010 I need to also consider if I am going to go looking for a girl or not be distracted by one instead.
  • To cover 10,000 miles by bike before New Years 2011 - To get out there and ride on a regular basis.
  • Get my glasses, so I can see better, and be able to work more effectively.
  • Increase workout times to keep my muscles strong so they do not atrophy, as well as helping in my Life Goal Of Living till the year 2076 and possibly beyond.
  • Improve sleep habits, to sleep at reasonable hours to work early enough not to be bothered by other things, while still getting the rest done. is

Spend Less time On Social Sites

The wonders of a world connected, except for when there is a social overload, when there is so much going on that days pass, from Morning to Afternoon and into night days pass when lost in the Socially Connected Verse. Though it is great to be connected to so many awesome people, on any of the social media outlets, like Facebook, Twitter and others, it is necessary to also consider it is important to balance the social time with the work time, without one overtaking the other. Meaning to Use The Timer as it is the one thing that can keep you on task for the specific experience. To spend less time on social medial it is necessary for me to use the timer, following recommendations in Time Management 101 as well as other articles I have read about time management. That is what it is all about, to make my time productive by forming new habits.

Time Management 101

Some techniques to be implemented in improving time Management so that I am able to make progress towards the Weekly Goals (An Example: For 12/20 to 12/26) In using the timer and keeping within well defined time frames, for each project you are working on in that moment. Do some research online and set a separate Delicious Tag Grouping on Time Management and read through those on a regular basis. Yet do not get to distracted, only as quick reference in increasing productivity and making progress.

System Upgrades 2010

Some of the things I expect to do for 2010 in improving the computer and the efficiency in which I use it. (Reference Objectives for 2010)
  • Purchase a Net Book to perhaps upgrade to Laptop Later
  • Get my HTC Wizard repaired or buy a replacement through ebay or other shopping outlets, to make sure I also have that for travels and experiences.
  • Get multiple terrabyte drives, using Sata instead of IDE, in that I will then be more able to make the most of the situation to setup a server that I can access and others too when mobile that is secure and stable based on community based initiatives such as Apache, My Sql and others. Once there is more space to work with on the local computer can also host my diverse domains in one place on my own server and provide similar services to others.
  • Also need to get a better video card AGP for now on the old build but for a new build a complete overhaul. Card should be dual screen compatible and work with Community based programs.

improve workspace to increase the flow of good energy.

On how to improve workspace, speaking about opening up things, helping the positive chi flow wisely by modifying desk design and the like. Though it could also be as simple, keeping the space clean and organized, more open is always beneficial. Getting the wireless keyboard and mouse was a first step in that direction, There is certainly more to be done, like getting a flat screen monitor that is big enough to see from a distance and is of good quality from a reputable brand.

Dual Coast Tour

Thoughts and ideas in regard to the needed funds to take a bike tour first along the East Coast, Atlantic Coast Trail. Then A train ride across the country from the East Coast to North west at Vancouver and down to San Diego via Pacific Coast Trail to see Suzette G. And Agui Munoz.

Spring and Summer 2010

To speak on my plans for Spring and Summer 2010, which is right around the corner most certainly. As Winter will pass soone enough and when it does there are other options and new opportunities, but it always comes back to the same thing, the cash, the green stuff that is used as common currency around the world. To even take a bike tour requires some additional income from some other means, through gigs or other jobs I go and do to make additional cash, or items that I sell. That is always clearly the challenge with any undertaking, there are possibilities through Binder & Binder to receive Social Security. Or there are gigs on monterey craiglist that could also produce income. The primary focus is on the Dual Coast Tour for this part of the year, but the other question is simply how do I get to the East Coast? I figure I could take a train out there, bring my bike along as baggage and when I get off the train ride to the first destination which is expected to be Boston. Need to Check with Amtrak, Greyhound and see what the cost may be, and then figure out how to make the income I need to make the trip. First to Boston, then follow the Atlantic Coast Trail down to Fort Lauderdale, another ride across the states by train getting off as far north as I can to start the Pacific Coast Trail in Vancouver, BC From North to South arriving in San Diego to see Suzette, and see if my buddy Agustin has a place there.

domains paid in advance

Here is where the need for more cash becomes more clear, as to make the cash in order to pay down these domains, and have them paid in advance for 3 years or more, in order to not have to worry about the chance they may expire as mentioned in Reviewing 2009 whereby hok-international.net was taken offline around the middle of the year and I never got it paid off now it is completely expired and really I need to turn it around and either sell it or build something new and different.

Multiple Mobile Income Streams

To step it up and mobilize the work I do, thereby having an opportunity to experience the tour while still making money as iI go. Having either or broth my smart-phone working and/or a net-book that can be charged by solar power so that I am able to hold a charge and write as I go along for as many miles the tour would become. When most things are web based as far as income production goes, they can work wherever you are or when ever you next find some Internet access. Being able to work offline then to post it online when you next have a chance, is a great way to approach it, so there is a necessary focus on what needs to be done, a process worth repeating time and time again. As wherever you are someone may not of been there and they can appreciate any advice you might offer to the wayward traveler. Being that the case it is possible to make income as you go, just need to make sure it is consistent enough to take care of the most basic expenses.

My Debts paid down

Making it a point to come into the end of 2010 with far less debt then I started it with, to be able to pay down all these long overdue debts, so that I no longer have to worry about them. Although as I think about it, they really don't need to be paid, simply because of the fact that once they are, it is more easy to be less stressed. Also opening up additional opportunities, for more funding, but really I need to be careful because the same cycle can repeat all over again, and end up in the same place as before. To do that it takes more of that green stuff, that paper with writing on it, to step it up and to pay back what was not originally an expense until you chose to seek out help from others, knowing full well even then it may be difficult to grow beyond that.

Bike Upgrades

Thursday, December 31, 12:17 PM Some of the things I need to do with my bike so it is better prepared for the Dual Coast Tour in 2010, referencing Objectives for 2010 as one of my Directives for this coming year.
  • Should get a new Drive Train, and Make sure it works well and do some reading on the ability to Maintain your Own Bike.
  • Have the rear axle replaced as the current one is bent, so that when I am coasting all I hear is the wind in my ears not the noise from a bent axle.
  • Also need to replace the tires, get some of the same type but newer from Bear Bikes, so that there is a much lower likelihood that I will end up running out of tread or tire for that matter.
  • Get the the Rack Bag Repaired or Fix Myself as it just needs the main zipper replaced, it would cost 10 dollars to send it to Jand, but it could work out better, or at the very least may do a better job of repairing it.
  • Write up a List of Needed Touring Gear as to be better prepared for the Long Distance Tour and work out the budget to get all I need at fair prices.

2010 can be the paradigm shifter

By stepping up my efforts, and forming new habits, can make 2010 truly a year of change and growth, both of which are so important that you may not even believe it. To do that really takes a new foundation of solid habits that have been changed, to build the base of what will be a new opportunity for life and living.

change my living situation

As I have been here in this house for far to long, it is about time I start figuring out the direction I want to go, to establish the independence once enjoyed fully and unequivocally. The bike tour is an opportunity to both expand my horizons as well as look at the alternatives to living situations. To find a place that may actually be affordable in a beautiful area far enough away from the town that can enjoy the silence, an opportunity to meditate and to grow beyond this moment now.

cover 10,000 miles by bike

The Objective for 2010 is to get more riding done, and with this number in mind, I need to focus on making all the miles count as each day passes. To do may be easier then I thought, to follow through is the most challenging aspect, to actually do consistently could be the answer.

Get my glasses

Since my genes have something to do with it, becomes necessary to have glasses so that I can see the world in all it's glory, from the smallest to the largest things. To do that thought requires that I first find my Prescription, and bring it over to Lens-Crafters and talk with Greg about getting me a pair of glasses that are nice but not to expensive. As well as flexible in that they are are transitional and tough enough for bicycling on the roughest trails, as they need to be as flexible and tough as i am in order to keep alive for so many years. In the simplest terms they need to be able to last through all sorts of weather and conditions that often being on the road on a bike will present.

Increase workout times

As I have a tendency sometimes to forget how a strong body needs constant stimulation and regular workouts I really need to make it a point in 2010 to get more exercise, as the less exercise I get then there is a higher likelihood that there could be other issues later down the road, because honestly I am nearing 40 in about 7 years and what I do during this time in my life will make a huge difference then, because it is a matter of getting the most exercise and keeping your body healthy, so that you live a long life. As such it is important to setup a regular workout schedule, to keep my body limber and my health always on the up-tick, not digressing but progressing.

Improve sleep habits

This is a big one, it makes sense because for me to be the most effecting based on the current situation, I need to get more work done earlier in the day so that other things that may come up do not interfere with the time I need to use for my work, for my writing. for the future, and for the life I am working towards where there is flexibility and there is opportunity to experience things much earlier on in my life. To do that requires that I make it a point to first Use The Timer as mentioned in Time Management 101 as well as make the most of the time I have, to use that time productively, and efficiently. It is more important then most people want to admit, for lack of sleep has also a tendency to harm your health, which then filters into the other objectives, as you need good health to make the most of each day. As each day is a new opportunity for progression, for seeing more and more of the full spectrum of color.

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