The Day Reviewed 01/25/2010

Today: Monday, January 25 2010

What is your objective on this day, this very moment? What do you want to do with this day? How does it relate to your monthly objectives and your Yearly Objectives? Directives for Today;
  • Get some Writing and Rating Done and get the book Paulo Coelho - The Winner Stands Alone back to the library.
  • Figure out why I have to constantly manually setup in order to get wicd to work.
  • Work on additional goals; Weekly Goals: 01/24 to 01/30 2010 and set them.
  • Update www.43things.com and add some new entries to the goals for life and show appreciation to those who have joined me in this objective.
  • Redesign the Whole New World Entrie @ http://homeofknatchwa.posterous.com/
  • Get to sleep at a good time not 2a or later like last night.

Reflect On The Day;
Overall not a bad day though of course like anything it only will get better from here and there is progress through it and from it, the journey in and of itself is ongoing, but being the  last week of the first month of 2010 serves also as a reminder that things move quickly and time has a tendency to fly by. Which also makes it more clear that there needs to be consistent effort on a daily basis, as each day that passes brings you one more closer to another year passing.

Weekly Goals: 01/24 to 01/30 2010

Weekly Objectives, and how they relate to both your month's goal and year's goal which in and of itself should also relate to Life Goals. Directives for this Week;
  • Decide to Improve How I look overall, shaving and cutting or combing hair would be a good start
  • Get The Winner Stands Alone Back To The Library as soon as possible as it is already 20 days overdue and accrued fines of almost 6 dollars.
  • Ride my Bike more, by taking a ride each and every single day for whatever needs to be done.

Another Day Passes; A New Beginning Awaits in the day that is Tomorrow.

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