Kung Fu Kitty ~ Mona At War

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Subject: Kung Fu Kitty
Date: Sat, 15 Dec 2007 21:22:23 GMT
From: Knatchwa <noreply@blogger.com>

What a fun day for sure today Mona the brave decided to show us some of her kitten kung fu ... the battle was fierce between mona and annie, with one flying roundhouse punch annie stepped back. A kitty that jumps like a kangaroo, with an effective strike, certainly quite the sight. Will have to get photos later when she decides to share further of her technique in kitten kung fu.

KiiiYaaa Kitty shots coming soon.

Amazing how long ago this was put together, in over three years ago and I started to recognize how positively this little tortoise shell cat has grown, through how many years it astounds me how fast time flies don't you think?

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