Tuesday Reviewed and Reflected upon

Today: Tuesday, January 26 2010

What is your objective on this day, this very moment? What do you want to do with this day? How does it relate to your monthly objectives and your Yearly Objectives? Directives for Today;
  • Depending on weather and progress through the day by day need to figure out what should be done.
  • Really need to finish Weekly Goals: 01/24 to 01/30 2010 as the week passes more quickly then you can imagine.
  • Take some time to update information over multiple outlets and grow through the challenges that may present.

Reflect On The Day;

Not a bad day overall, Got out and rode a bit as mentioned on www.43Things.com ( http://www.43things.com/people/progress/rlmarr/14070748 ) The Rain Certainly kept falling but to at least got out and rode, it makes a considerable difference in that through the action there were no more excuses, and as such you just had to do it. A lesson learned, but the next step is it must be practiced each day

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